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Monthly Wrap-Up: December

Affirmation (NC-17; Kingsley/Charlie; 230 words)

Agreement between Books and Charm, An (PG-13; Draco/Morag; 150 words)

Antiquarian Society, The (G; Lumione; 100 words)

Christmas Present (PG-13; George/Fleur; 250 words)

Dashing through the Snow (R; Hermione/Blaise; 150 words)

Day in the Life, A (PG-13; Harry/Luna; 100 words)

Domestic Assistance (PG-13; Snermione; 100 words)

Domestic Fairytale (PG-13; Perverus; 200 words)

Everything I Needed to Know (G; Snarry; 100 words)

Examination of Importance, An (G; Draco/Neville; 150 words)

Flirting with Granger (G; Hermione/Charlie; 100 words)

Game Night (NC-17; Snermione; 100 words)

His First Christmas (G; Snuna; 450 words)

How Not to Tell Your Parents (NC-17; Charlie/Harry; 100 words)

Instructive Name, An (G; Snarry; 200 words)

Intriguing Proposal, An (G; Hermione/Blaise; 100 words)

Minding the Children (G; Snarry; 150 words)

New Ambition, A (G; Snermione; 150 words)

Obsession's Ease (PG-13; Severus/Albus Severus; 150 words)

Paternal Concern (G; Snuna; 200 words)

Perfect Harmony, In (NC-17; Harry/Draco; 400 words)

Potions for Dummies (PG-13; Snarry; 150 words)

Secret of a Successful Marriage, The (PG-13; Hermione/Blaise; 250 words)

Service with a Scream (NC-17; Severus/George; 150 words)

Serving Detention (NC-17; Remus/Percy; 130 words)

Taking Charge (NC-17; Blaise/Harry; 200 words)

Temporary Employment (R; Snavender; 150 words)

Thirst for Company, A (PG-13; Snarry; 150 words)

Tryst of Tentacles (PG-13; Giant Squid/Hogwarts; 150 words)

Undisguised Admiration (G; Snape/Susan; 100 words)

Upon Reflection, Draco Would Credit His Hair Tonic (PG-13; Draco/Lily Luna; 280 words)

Uses and Misuses of Disguises, The (G; Snuna; 250 words)

Yes, Please, Thank You, Now! (R; Blaise/Harry; 155 words)


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Dec. 31st, 2008 08:26 pm (UTC)
Writer's block. Right. -hee

(feel free to delete comment) ;)
Dec. 31st, 2008 08:41 pm (UTC)
Many wee ficcies doesn't imply any progress, you know. :P *hugs*
Dec. 31st, 2008 09:57 pm (UTC)
el producto!
Dec. 31st, 2008 10:21 pm (UTC)
And no one was more surprised than I! :D I just posted my year-end wrap-up, and it seems that I wrote 202 fics! o.O
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