Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Undisguised Admiration (G; Snape/Susan; 100 words)

I took prompts, and I'll be posting the resultant drabbles as I complete them.

4. mugglechump prompted me with Snape/Susan Bones: cauldron.

Undisguised Admiration (G; Snape/Susan; 100 words)

Severus recognised the young woman dragging the cauldron down from the attics of the boarding house.

Hufflepuff. Potter's year. Filled out nicely, he thought, moving to assist her.

"Thank you, sir," Bones said, climbing down the ladder before sweeping the fringe from her eyes and smiling at him. "It's that heavy."

"Levitation charm?" Severus suggested, flicking his eyes to her bosom and back up to meet her gaze.

She flushed. "You're a wizard?"

"And you're a witch," he replied, "with a fine cauldron."

"Oh, go on," Bones said, slapping at his arm playfully.

Severus smiled, well-pleased with his latest glamour.
Tags: 21 december drabbles, drabbles/ficlets, severus snape, severus/susan, susan bones

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