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The Harry Potter Random Facts Fest Master List for Round Four

Round Four of the Harry Potter Random Facts Fest is now closed, but I'll add any late entries to the master list if participants reply to the round's informational post by Monday.

There were 55 meme entries and five fic entries this round, and I had a lovely time reading them. I look forward to Round Five! Thank you, everyone who participated! ♥

Round Four Master List (60 entries)

Note: This post was originally made at InsaneJournal and moved to LiveJournal on 7 July 2014. Some links may no longer be valid.

Abbott, Hannah, by [info]vegablack62, here.

Black, Bellatrix, by [info]liliths_requiem, here.

Boot, Terry, by shocfix, here,

and [info]thanfiction, here.

Brocklehurst, Mandy, by [info]numbaby, here.

Brown, Lavender, by [info]luvscharlie, here.

Creevey, Colin, by [info]thanfiction, here.

Chryssa the Basilisk, by thesewarmstars, here.

Fic based on Fact Five: Leaving (PG-13; Tobias, Chryssa, Salazar; 495 words), by thesewarmstars.

Dumbledore, Aberforth, by [info]qzee, here.

Filch, Argus, by florahart, here.

Finnigan, Seamus, by [info]thanfiction, here.

Firenze, by nope, here.

Goyle, Greg, by [info]airmidm, here,

and by svartalfur, here.

Granger, Hermione, by [info]lovelylytton, here.

Granger, Hermione, Lucius Malfoy, and Severus Snape, by [info]shiv5468, here.

Greengrass, Asteria, by [info]the-birdnest, here.

Hooch, Rolanda, by snapesgirl_62, here.

Krum, Viktor, by [info]anakaratengiz, here.

Lestrange, Rabastan, by elfflame, here.

Longbottom, Neville, by [info]mabonwitch, here.

and by nope, here.

Longbottom's Childhood, Neville, by [info]vegablack62, here.

Lovegood, née Yaxley, Xanthia Aisling, by iulia_linnea, here.

Lupin, Teddy, by carawen, here.

Macmillan, Ernie, by [info]thanfiction, here.

Malfoy, Draco, by elfflame, here,

and by [info]lovelylytton, here.

Malfoy, Lucius, by nope, here.

Malfoy, Scorpius, by florahart, here,

by nope, here

and by shocfix, here.

Malkin, Madam, by [info]vegablack62, here.

McGonagall, Minerva, by thesewarmstars, here.

Patil, Padma, by verbosewrdsmith, here.

Potter, Lily Luna, by pettybureaucrat, here.

Prewett, Fabian, by [info]royalty25, here.

Prewett Siblings, by ceria, here.

Riddle, Merope, nope, here.

Sinistra, Aurora, by snapesgirl_62, here.

Smith, Zacharias, by [info]nqdonne, here.

Snape, Severus, by [info]asperias, here,

and by unjapanologist, here.

Snape, Tobias, by [info]oddnari, here.

Fic based on Fact Nine: Divining a Name (G; Tobias Snape, Madam Xanthia/Eileen Prince; 434 words), by thesewarmstars.

Spinett, Alicia, by [info]nbaeker, here.

Fic based on Fact 13: Butterflies and Dragons (PG-13; Charlie/Alicia; 544 words), by luvscharlie.

Thomas, Dean, by knic26, here.

Tonks, Andromeda, by [info]thephoenixboy, here.

Turpin, Lisa, by [info]leigh_adams, here.

Weasley, Audrey, by [info]realmer06, here.

Fic based on several facts: Six Impossible Things (PG-13; Audrey/Percy; 5655 words), by [info]realmer06

Weasley, Bill and Neville Longbottom, by unbroken_halo, here.

Weasley, Charlie, by luvscharlie, here (Fic based on Fact 19: Teddy Lupin {G; Teddy Lupin; 576 words}, by [info]ceirdwenfc),

and by millieweasley, here.

Weasley, Fred, by [info]ceirdwenfc, here.

Weasley, Molly, by unbroken_halo, here.

Weasley, Ron, by [info]lovelylytton, here.
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