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Monthly Wrap-Up: October

Two chapters of GSM, 22 drabbles, and one Daily Deviant fic!


Getting Severus Married, Chapters Forty-One (NC-17; Snarry, Blaise/Hermione, others; 6120 words) and Forty-Two (NC-17; Snarry, Blaise/Hermione, others; 4234 words).


Banishing the Gag (R; Lucius/Harry; 100 words)

Battle Plan (PG-13; Lumione; 100 words)

Because (G; Snarry; 100 words)

Beyond Yes (G; Hermione/Blaise; 100 words)

Brief Eternity of Beelessness, A (G; Albus/Gellert; 100 words)

Delighting in Dusk (G; Remus/Neville; 100 words)

Food for Thought (R; Charlie/Kingsley; 100 words)

Getting to Yes (G; Hermione/Blaise; 100 words)

His Full Attention (PG-13; Charlie/Draco; 100 words)

Infectious Optimism (PG-13; Bill, Charlie; 100 words)

Liquid Equipment (PG-13; Charlie/Viktor; 100 words)

Liquid Trinity (NC-17; Lumionus; 100 words)

Love Waits (G; Charlie/Draco; 100 words)

Mighty Melon Conspiracy, The (G; Aunt Luna, Jamie; 250 words)

Near Ease (G; Charlie/Harry; 100 words)

No More Dragon Riding for Harry (G; Charlie/Harry; 100 words)

Reassessment (G; Bill/Neville; 100 words)

Relishing in Ritual (PG-13; Snarry; 100 words)

Stupid Question (PG-13; Snarry; 100 words)

Time-Management (G; Kingsley/Tonks; 100 words)

Their Silent Spells (G; Snape/Tonks; 100 words)

Towards a Change of Season (G; Harry/Percy; 100 words)


Nighttime Feeding (NC-17; Ron/Hermione, others implied; 2970 words): "The milk, the milk is the life!"