Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Two random drabbles

shiv5468 prompted me with sugar and spice and left the "pairing" up to me. *snorts*

Liquid Trinity (NC-17; Lumionus; 100 words)

Lucius doesn't take sugar, but he insists it be brought up on his morning tea tray when Hermione stays. He likes the way the crystals glisten on her damp skin before melting under his tongue.

The heat of the cinnamon sliding down his throat as he laps it up from Severus' arse has Lucius bade the house elf to provide the spice with their afternoon expresso. He takes the drink black and Severus, hard.

Evening libations are not, however, Lucius' to choose; this, he doesn't mind. Severus' potions are clever; Hermione's charms, abundant—and the experience of having them both, divine.

fodirteg prompted me with house elf, dragon(s), melon(s), and chicken(s).

The Mighty Melon Conspiracy (G; Aunt Luna, Jamie; 250 words)

"—but goblins don't pay their house elves because they don't employ them, not officially. Oh, house elves work for goblins, but under oaths sworn on dragon claws. Strappy is one such elf, and at the end of his service, the claw he wears around his neck on a chain of chicken bones—"


"Why chicken bones?"

"Uh, huh."

"Because Scrappy has never been fond of poulty. Of course, I can't explain why he doesn't like chickens because it's his story to tell, you understand, but the important thing is that the claw will turn into gold when he retires."


"Yes, and then Scrappy will use that gold to buy a melon farm. Don't ask me why, but when his old master willed him to Gringotts, the deal Scrappy made with his new 'employers' was that he be able to buy a mighty melon patch upon retirement. I think the melons must be magical and part of some deep house elf conspiracy along produce lines, but don't tell anyone that because it's a very great secret."

"Aunt Luna?"

"Yes, Jamie?"

"Why does Scrappy think melons are magical?"

"House elves know all sorts of things about magic. And that's why you ought to listen to Dippy," Luna said, rising from the table.

Jamie scowled at his fruit salad when his aunt had gone, poking tentatively at the melon balls in it with his fork. They didn't look magical.

But just in case they were, he supposed he ought to eat them.
Tags: drabbles/ficlets, hermione granger, james sirius potter, lucius malfoy, lumionus, luna lovegood, severus snape

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