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10 More Drabbles!

I took five prompts each from my friends at IJ and LJ, and these are the resultant drabbles. :)

1. inell prompted me with Hermione/Blaise: cloud, scarf, statue.

Beyond Yes (G; Hermione/Blaise; 100 words)

Note: This drabble follows Getting to Yes.

Her gift would reassure Blaise in a way that having accepted his proposal had not; resolved, Hermione wrapped her cloud-white scarf around her neck and approached the stump of what had been their favourite tree.

She went as still as a statue summoning the magic and waited for the promised "climbing" sound to fill the air; when it stopped, she opened her eyes to see that their tree was again whole.

Charming the trunk to open and form a space for two took just long enough for Blaise to join her, and finding his gaze, she saw that he understood.

2. angela_snape prompted me with Snape/Tonks: coffee, candle, bitter.

Their Silent Spells (G; Snape/Tonks; 100 words)

A flirtation without words: he'd set a candle to hovering above her; she'd warm his coffee with a wand-flick. Their simple actions would dispel the bitter, post-meeting atmosphere.

He'd remark upon her note-taking; she'd then tease him for not drinking tea—it was more than a habit, their behaviour. It never led to kisses but to an exchange of heated looks that were not furtive.

Tonks didn't understand why Snape never pressed her.

Severus didn't understand why Nymphadora allowed his gaze.

Neither of them, however, was prepared to give up what comfort they took from one another by speaking of it.

3. lilyeyes prompted me with Harry/Severus: falling leaves, hot toddy, and warm fingers.

Because (G; Snarry; 100 words)

Sharing the same hot toddy under the falling leaves of the trees at Hogwarts, Harry was always surprised, when he slid his cold hand over Severus' warm fingers, to find himself at peace with the other man. When had it happened? He always asked himself the same question without ever truly seeking an answer. The only one he required had been given, and that, long ago, before he'd known he had a question and after Severus, it seemed, had decided to answer it.

"Why are you smiling?" Severus asked him, as always.

Harry took their mug. "Because I'm with you."

4. unbroken_halo prompted me with Bill/Neville: garden, love, orange.

Reassessment (G; Bill/Neville; 100 words)

Of course Bill knew who the man eating the orange in the patient garden at St Mungo's was; everyone knew Neville Longbottom. Ten years after the war and five since his "true" love had proved fickle, what Bill didn't know was why he couldn't stop staring.

Well, all right, he did suspect: broad shoulders and long legs had a lot to do with it. Still, Longbottom was Ron's age—and no doubt he'd just been to visit his parents. It wasn't the best time to strike up a conversation with him.

Neville looked up and smiled; Bill flushed.

Perhaps I'm mistaken.

5. eeyore9990 prompted me with Snape/Harry: ambiguous, condescending, fisting.

Stupid Question (PG-13; Snarry; 100 words)

"It's your fault, you condescending prat," Harry murmured, as Snape stirred against him.


The response could have meant anything, but Harry felt certain that Snape was being purposefully ambiguous while getting his bearings; he'd been too pissed when they'd left the pub together to remember following Harry to his flat.

Harry, on the other hand, had been dead sober; anyone would have been to find Snape of all people flirting with him.

"You're the one who made that comment about fisting."


"So is it any wonder I took you up on the dare?"


"Good. Fancy another go?"

6. florahart prompted me with Charlie/Harry: injury, parallel, underrated.

No More Dragon Riding for Harry (G; Charlie/Harry; 100 words)

They flew a parallel course towards the pens, making sure not to draw their mounts too close to one another; neither one of them wished an injury to the bulls—or themselves. Even with the danger, Harry couldn't help but feel that dragon-riding was underrated; he loved his broom, but it was far more exciting to feel a living body underneath . . . sweating, bucking, strain—




"That's all you have to say? You could've been killed! Why weren't you paying attention, you stupid sod?"

"Was," Harry murmured, his eyes focussing on Charlie's angry, worried ones. "Just not to the right ride."

7. angela_snape prompted me with Charlie/Kingsley: autumn, leaves, apples.

Food for Thought (R; Charlie/Kingsley; 100 words)

Kingsley took his lunches outside in the autumn, sitting on a bed of leaves and eating apples and cheese. The cheese was a gift; the apples, he purchased himself; it pleased him to know that he shared his simple tastes with Charlie.

It pleased him more to be able to eat quickly, with Charlie in mind, and then to Disapparate to his flat for a wank before returning to work; he knew Charlie did the same thing.

They didn't see each other often, but what passed between the cheese and apples when they did sustained Kingsley for a hundred wanks.

8. ladylark77 prompted me with Charlie/Harry: Halloween, treats, tricks.

Near Ease (G; Charlie/Harry; 100 words)

Charlie had taken to inviting Harry to the Preserve for Halloween; the treats to a flyer that dragons were helped overshadow the tricks of memory to which Harry fell prey around that point in the year, and he knew that Harry was grateful for the distraction even though they never spoke plainly about his visits.

With chocolate cakes baking and Harry sleeping soundly, Charlie was free to watch his friend. Asleep, one would never know that he'd suffered. Awake, there was sometimes a sharpness to Harry's movements and glances that spoke to his pain.

Charlie loved gentling Harry by degrees.

9. ceria_taliesin prompted me with Kingsley/Tonks: adultery, peppermint, punishment.

Time-Management (G; Kingsley/Tonks; 100 words)

"Four arrests this month," Kingsley noted, his tone mild.

"It would've been five but for that git's incompetence!"

Kingsley waited for the other Aurors to leave the room, his heart hammering. "I've explained the appropriate—"

"'Punishment'?" Tonks demanded. "That bastard Brooks never follows up on crimes related to adultery. Spouses trying to kill one another is just another 'spat' to him! He's—"

"Gone," Kingsley murmured, against Tonks' mouth, "and you can be sure I've got people following up with the spouses."

"Sometimes I hate this job."

Kingsley kissed her. Peppermint. "I rather like these meetings."

"They can be interesting, yeah."

10. snapesgirl_62 prompted me with Severus/Harry: Samhain, passion, living.

Relishing in Ritual (PG-13; Snarry; 100 words)

Harry's reading about Samhain had proved interesting, especially after the nuts were roasted.

"You see? They stayed together. That means we will, too."

"Superstitious nonsense to amuse the living. The dead—"

"'Have better things to do', yeah, I know," Harry interrupted, setting aside his pan and demonstrating another passion of his.

Under the onslaught of such ardent attentions, Severus suspected that he might one day die, but he made no move to complain. Instead, he introduced Harry to some ritualistic uses of their own, personal harvest, ones designed to bind two lovers more closely than ever a children's game could.
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