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10 Drabbles!

I took five prompts each from my friends at IJ and LJ, and these are the resultant drabbles. :)

1. inell prompted me with Hermione/Blaise: tree, desk, rain.

Getting to Yes (G; Hermione/Blaise; 100 words)

There was no saving the tree that had fallen in their back garden, but Blaise remained in the rain to regard it long after Hermione had gone inside.

He knew that she loved him and her career in equal measure. He couldn't win her by getting down on one knee and making like a penguin.

We've already feathered our nest. No perfect stone needed.

He'd have to present her with a symbol of his acceptance of her choices.

It took all night, but Blaise could tell that Hermione understood at once the significance of the desk he'd fashioned for her.

2. streussal prompted me with Dumbledore/Grindelwald: braid, berries, sun.

A Brief Eternity of Beelessness (G; Albus/Gellert; 100 words)

The berries stained his lips, making him appear bee-kissed.

I wish to be thus stung, Albus thought, leaning into Gellert's hand as the other boy stroked his braid.

"You wish for the sun," Gellert murmured, "but I'd prefer the moon. Its light is . . . more forgiving."

"And what about you do you believe requires forgiveness?" Albus asked, falling back into Gellert's lap.

"Too far!"

"I would go farther for you, my friend, with you, even," Albus admitted, his eyes lingering on those raspberry blessed lips. "Alas, there are no bees today."

Gellert raised an eyebrow. "You're forever talking nonsense, you know."

3. triceybabe prompted me with Remus/Neville: Cardigan, icecream, warmth.

Delighting in Dusk (G; Remus/Neville; 100 words)

It was too brisk for ice-cream, perhaps, but Neville couldn't bring himself to mind the chill of the air, not with his back pressed into the warmth of Remus' chest, not with Remus' cardigan wrapped around him as he fed his lover their sticky treat.

Even the dripping of the cold confection down his fingers didn't disturb him; he knew that Remus' soft, thorough tongue would lick the melting frozen cream from his hand once the cone had been nibbled into nothingness.

It was everything, sharing the sunset in this way, and more than Neville had ever imagined he'd possess.

4. alicit prompted me with Charlie/Draco: grass, staff, brush.

Love Waits (G; Charlie/Draco; 100 words)

Draco rose to brush the grass from his trousers and frowned; Charlie was late. A 'staff issue', no doubt, but Draco didn't care.

I never keep him waiting when he visits me.

Perhaps he was being petulant; Charlie was the youngest director of the Preserve in its history, and no doubt he was needed.

Still, he might have owled.

Sighing, Draco banished the picnic he'd ordered and threw himself down to pout.

And then he saw Charlie, all red and brown and burly, swooping down astride an acceptably un-alarming dragon, and all he could do was grin.

"Knew you'd wait."

5. shiv5468 prompted me with LM/HG: shoes, ribbons, roses.

Battle Plan (PG-13; Lumione; 100 words)

She slipped on the green velvet shoes, lacing their ribbons to her mid-thighs, and then sprayed the scent of roses in her hair. She would appear as enticing as possible—the better to spurn him.

Hermione despised Lucius' arrogance; how dare he show up in the middle of her day and expect her to drop everything to be with him! She wanted him, too, but he needed to learn . . . .

Their evening had been long arranged, but it would go rather differently than Lucius had planned.

Surveying her preparations in the mirror, Hermione smiled: another use for ribbons had come to her.

6. ragdoll prompted me with Bill, Charlie: food, sunshine, girls.

Infectious Optimism (PG-13; Bill, Charlie; 100 words)

"Food, sunshine, and shagging, my brother! That's the plan for us," Bill told Charlie, as they met in Hogsmeade.

Charlie smirked. "You planned for girls?"

"I didn't have to—the Hog's Head is full of birds looking for a bit of fun."

"Right, and that's what they'll have with you—a bit of fun, a tiny, pathetic bit."

Bill laughed and punched Charlie good-naturedly in the shoulder. "You'll eat those words before too long."

"Yes, while you're left only eating food."



"Galleons, it is! Five says I'll have one more bird than you tonight."

7. fodirteg prompted me with Charlie/Draco: dragons, ice, leather.

His Full Attention (PG-13; Charlie/Draco; 100 words)

"The dragons' scales are like ice—and Norbeta was gnawing on what was left of the protective leather curtain around her pen, even though we charmed it repeatedly!"

Draco knew that Charlie was telling him about some sort of horrid dragon ailment, but he couldn't concentrate for the tight trousers his lover was wearing. "You should let me help you out of those. They look . . . uncomfortable."

Charlie snorted and began to undo his laces, but before he could begin to slip out of his clothing, Draco stopped him.

"Leave them on, at least, part of the way."

"Kinky bastard, aren't you?"

8. celandineb prompted me with Charlie/Viktor: green, time, twirl.

Liquid Equipment (PG-13; Charlie/Viktor; 100 words)

At the wedding, Charlie wondered what his Mum would say if he asked Krum to take a twirl around the dance floor. The bloke obviously wasn't having a good time, but it wasn't Ron's dancing with Hermione that was making Krum green with jealousy; it was Hermione's dancing with Ron.

Wishful thinking on your part.

No, it wasn't! That was his little brother's arse Krum was lusting over; you couldn't see Hermione's for her gown.

His mind made up, Charlie selected two flutes of champagne from a nearby floating tray and moved to begin the game.

9. alliekatgal prompted me with Harry/Lucius: cravat, wax, fireplace.

Banishing the Gag (R; Lucius/Harry; 100 words)

Lucius pulled off his cravat and flung it towards the fireplace, staring at his prize in the flickering light. Potter was a fool, but a toothsome one, and the way the hovering candles' droplets of wax hissed as they hit the boy's body made him all the more so.

"Oh, yes, do struggle. I enjoy a bit of fight in my pets."

Whatever Potter mumbled was unintelligible; Lucius caught his drift as he removed the last of his clothing and knelt on the bed between his captive's legs.

"Yes, there will be fucking done this night—and you'll beg for it."

10. chiralove prompted me with Harry/Percy: teacup, quill, and autumn.

Towards a Change of Season (G; Harry/Percy; 100 words)

Percy reminded Harry of autumn: he was not so frosty as to be wintery as he smiled over his teacup, his quill poised, and his smile was crisp. Still, he wasn't easy to read; he was too red for that, too blustery.

Attempting to look away, Harry decided that he'd been spending too much time with Luna, who saw everything in colors, even people's personalities.

And mine and Percy's won't suit. I'm not serious enough for him.

Still, that didn't make Harry stop staring at Percy as he began sucking his quill—or deny the way Percy flushed under his scrutiny.
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