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Rabbit Drabbles (except for Beth's, which is coming)

I offered drabbles to people who answered one of my questions, and I'll post the drabbles as I complete them.

1. zephre prompted me with Snape/Luna: bell, book, and candle.

New Leaf on Life (G; Snuna; 100 words): To brew change, one doesn't always require a cauldron.

She brought the bell to his bedside and bade him ring it when he needed her. Severus refused to need anyone and didn't touch it.

His mood lifted a little by the addition of the book; Elcrofte's Potions of Change was a rare edition, and he could see it was a first. Whenever he was alone—and what kind of Healer-in-Training ignored her patient?—he would carefully leaf through the pages of Change.

Reading late into the night, his candle guttered, spent itself, and Severus reached for Luna's bell. Its ring was charming; he smiled to see her when she came.

2. chasingtides prompted me with Snape/Harry: rain, cabin fever, and tea.

With Company (PG; Snarry; 100 words): Company is a curative.

So much rain—Severus had never hated his cabin more. His fever to leave it didn't lessen, however, no matter how much special tea he drank. But then, he was ill; he didn't require company.

And then came the laughter. Annoyed, he rose to peer out his window: Potter flew in circles around his cabin, laughing at the rain, or perhaps at him, Severus didn't know. But it was enough, this intrustion, to move him outside.

Soaking wet and warmer than he'd ever been, long after his tirade, he was surprised to find how spacious his accommodations had become with company.

3. crooked_halo8 prompted me with Snarry: sprawl, golden, and lazy.

Incomparable (PG; Snarry; 100 words): Severus always hurries home.

As Severus' day was ending, Harry's began; his first act—well, his second, one presumed—was to crawl out of bed and tend to the weeds. Nothing compared to coming home to find Harry in a lazy golden sprawl of sweat-soaked, nearly nude flesh in their back garden. Severus loved finding Harry there waiting for him. It didn't matter why he was hot; Severus could work Harry into a frenzy just by looking at him. He enjoyed that, as well, but it was nothing to knowing that his brat-cum-Auror liked to garden, liked to wait for him, liked him: it was everything.

4. leela_cat prompted me with Harry/Charlie: leather, wind, and heat.

Cheating (R; Harry/Charlie; 100 words): It isn't work-related, but it is necessary.

The leather of the saddle was comfortable. The wind whipping through his hair was exhilarating. The heat of Charlie's body seeping into his own as he clung to him astride their dragon mount was joy, itself.

Harry could never complain about his hols; Charlie always made them perfect. His welcome was physical. His touch wasn't hesitant. His lips weren't soft. His cock, so hard and smooth as it thrust inside of him, hit just the right spot, again and again. And Harry needed him, needed this, and Charlie understood.

There were never any goodbyes, just see-you-next-times, and Harry was grateful.

5. fodirteg prompted me with Girl!Harry/Severus: snood, cake, oregano.

How the Chore Chart Got Made (R; Girl!Harry Snarry; 100 words): Harry's not a housewife, but she is good with her wand.

Harry put her hair up in a snood, got dressed, and baked oregano into the cake. She wanted him to find her like this, an awkward-looking maid baking badly, to drive her point home: she wasn't a servant; she worked hard, as well; and he was better in the kitchen than ever she'd been.

Her plan went awry, but it wasn't a complete failure.

"You're . . . point's made," Severus panted, while she was still inside. "Where did you learn to do that?"

"After losing my wand the first time, you didn't think I hadn't tried to get it back, did you?"
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