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10 Staying Awake Drabbles (Various ratings; various characters and pairings; various word counts)

I took prompts at IJ and at LJ to keep myself awake drabbling until the rental office opened. Here are the results.

IJ 1. hphaeton prompted me with: Voldemort/Lucius, insane, habits, silence.

All Lucius Could Do (NC-17; Voldemort/Lucius; 100 words)

His habits were fixed. He had favourites. Lucius was one of them. He'd grown used to the eerie silence of Lord Voldemort as he indicated what must be done: a flick of a wrist, a nod of his head, a slow smile.

It was insane—to be buggered in one's own home, to have invited in the one who did it—but all Lucius could do was obey.

This night, the Dark Lord desired Lucius upon his knees. The only benefit of the service he was to perform was that, of all Voldemort's features, his cock was his most human one.


IJ 2. svartalfur prompted me with: Severus Snape - sleepless, longing, jealousy.

Lust (PG-13; Severus, implied Severus/Regulus; 150 words)

Severus awoke to a longing for books. So many sleepless nights, he had read from the ones he sought now, the Dark tomes promising great things to one who could translate their mysteries into coherency. The jealousy he felt to know that others had held these books before him, that others had learnt their secrets, plagued Severus.

If he could unlock their secrets, cast the spells, elevate himself, then he could know revenge! Black wouldn't taunt him, none of them would—Black wouldn't deny him—and Lucius' charismatic friend might mark Severus worthy of notice.

Severus craved this notice almost as much as he did comprehension.

Regulus laughed at Severus' preoccupation, those nights he found him buried within the pages of Lucius' offered grimoires, and frequently provided Severus something warmer in which to immerse himself—but it wasn't the power over breath and moan and movement that drove Severus.

No, knowledge was all.


IJ 3. eeyore9990 prompted me with: any pairing: teeth, hips, and neck.

His (NC-17; Male Canon Character/Male Canon Character; 100 words)

He sank his teeth into that neck and felt the boy's hips thrust into his, hard. And so he was, harder now for a bit of pain than for any amount of friction. It was glorious, more than he'd hoped, and he ignored the whine as he spun his lover to face the wall.

"You'll take me, now, where anyone could see," he said, roughly pushing spit-slicked fingers into the arse desperate for them. "You'll take my cock, beg me to move," he commanded, thrusting—once.

"Move, move, damn you! Harder, gods! Please don't stopdon'tstopdon't—oh!"

Hot, tight, his—he couldn't get enough.


IJ 4. oni_butterfly prompted me with: Sirius/Harry. Prompt: jealousy..

Godfather Knows Best (NC-17; Sirius/Harry; 130 words)

"I don't like the way he looks at you, the way you look back."

"You're pissed," Harry said, turning to leave the kitchen.

But Sirius was barring his way before Harry had put his hand on the knob of the door. "You're staying. I won't have you upstairs with him doing Merlin knows what!"

"Get out of my—"

Harry fought his kiss, struggled against him as Sirius held him, firm, and tried, just once, to bite his tongue.

"None of that, you little tease," Sirius growled, one arm around Harry's waist, the other snaking between them so that he could grasp Harry's bollocks. "You won't fuck anyone but me!"

"I'm not fucking anyone!"

"Not yet," Sirius answered, loosening his grip a bit and stroking the eager prick beneath his fingers.


IJ 5. the_minx_17 prompted me with: Kingsley/Snape - blood, tests, improvement.

Fraught (R; Kingsley/Snape; 100 words)

"There's been no improvement. All blood tests show the same results. . . . "If you'd come to me sooner, then—"

Kingsley shoved Severus into the wall, advancing on him. "No more death, Snape. Not from this poison of the Dark Lord's! You will not give up! You will help him, help them all, help me."

It was a shock when Severus reached for him, jerked him forward by a fistful of his robes. The kiss was a surprise, as well, but not the prick. Kingsley ground himself against Snape's hips in frustration and anger, and didn't pause to think about the consequences.


LJ 1. thephoenixboy prompted me with: Salazar Slytherin - destiny, misinformation, impulsiveness.

Devil in the Details (G; Salazar Slytherin; 100 words)

Salazar had not Godric's impulsiveness to trust, Rowena's indulgence in misinformation, or Helga's certainty of her own destiny. No, he was cautious, unfettered by superstition, and pragmatic enough to understand that their great enterprise might fail. His gifts were wandless magic, cunning, and education, and he hoped these things would be sufficient to prevent his comrades from destroying their safe haven before even it had been established. But should it indeed flourish in a manner ill-befitting a proud magical people, Salazar would be prepared.

He delved far beneath the school whilst the others slept, carving out a chamber of salvation.


LJ 2. whispers_of_me prompted me with: Severus & Harry, wispy, turquoise and bandage.

Family Prodigy (G; Severus Snape, Harry Potter, OFC; 100 words)

Severus smoothed the wispy fringe out of his daughter's face, looking at the bandage Harry had affixed to her forehead.

Harry looked on nervously.

"Sabine, I'm going to remove this now," Severus told her, gently doing so. "Oh."

"What?" Harry and Sabine asked, as one.

"The wound's gone turquoise."

"I'm sure it's just blue, Father," Sabine said, her tone anything but certain.

Harry frowned. "How many times have your father and I told you not to experiment with Healing salves? And did you purposefully injure yourself so that you could test them?"

"Only a little, sir, but my potion's sound!"


LJ 3. reddwarfer prompted me with: Snape/Girl!Harry anticipation, degradation, participation. .

All Advantage, Innocence (R; Girl!Harry Snarry; 100 words)

It was with no little anticipation that Severus noticed the potion's degradation; it meant only one thing would serve to save the girl, and that ritual required two virgins. Given the pain of near-transformation, he knew Harry would participate without question, and, reviewing the rite, he allowed his mind to wander over the image of her body in his mind.

But the sensation of warm skin under his cool hands was better; her every gasp was as liquor streaming down his throat, and she writhed, struggled so strongly against him, her hips rising to meet his without the slightest hesitation.


LJ 4. cageydragon prompted me with: Lucius/Draco; pineapple, orb and mysticism.

Inflammation and Privation (NC-17; Lucius/Draco, implied Harry/Draco; 200 words)

"In some cultures, the pineapple denotes hospitality," Lucius remarked, as Draco raised a chunk of the fruit to his mouth. "In others, the mysticism of fruit is more complicated."

Swallowing, Draco flushed. "What sort of complications?"

"What an excellent question, son," Lucius replied, removing an apple-shaped orb from his robes and rising. "Follow me."

Without looking back, he knew the boy had obeyed him. He did not turn to face Draco until standing in the library. His son had already performed the silencing and locking spells and was kneeling.

Lucius levitated the glassy red object to Draco. "Bite it."

Draco's eyes widened and his flush deepened as he did so. "Oh, I . . . I want . . . ."

"You will not touch yourself," Lucius commanded, flicking a hand at Draco, who dropped the orb as his arms were raised above his head, bound by invisible cord.

Lucius could see well enough what his son desired, but longed to see more of it, and cast another spell. Nude, Draco was pulled up on tiptoe, his cock twitching, his hips thrusting, his mouth slack.

"I know what you've allowed the Potter boy."

A look of fear crossed Draco's face, but it was fleeting—until Lucius spoke again.


LJ 5. ladylark77 prompted me with: Harry/Remus: purple, happy, peace.

Object Lesson (NC-17; Remus/Harry; 250 words)

Remus sucked the purple head of Harry's bound cock into his mouth, the happy benefit of his having the uninterrupted peace of a week to spend with him, tease him, drive him mad.

"Please, oh, Merlin!" Harry exclaimed, writhing in his bonds.

Remus allowed Harry's prick to slide out of his mouth and rose from the bed, admiring Harry's flushed, spread-eagled body. "That isn't my name," he said softly, moving to sit in the chair by the bed and picking up the dildo he'd crafted from a cast of Harry's cock.

Oiling it while watching Harry's eyes widen in dismay, he drew its tip down his torso, raised his legs over the chair's arms and slowly pushed the device into his arse.

"If you'd called for me, I would have taken those strings off you and sat on your cock, but—"


"Oh, fuck, Remus spat, as the dildo moved over his prostate. "You feel good, Harry. So fucking good. Too . . . bad your . . . memory's . . . so faulty."

He plunged into himself harder now with the fake cock, never taking his eyes off Harry's. He knew that if he looked into Harry's needy eyes that he'd never be able to deny him.

"Remus John Lupin!" Harry almost shouted. "Your name is Remus John Lupin! Please, Remus, please don't make me wait!"

In three more strokes, Remus came; then, on shaking legs, he took himself to the bed to kneel over Harry's face. He drew Harry up with a spell and demanded, "Suck."


Thank you for your prompts, everyone! That was inspiring fun!

Tags: drabbles/ficlets, draco malfoy, girl!harry, girl!harry snarry, harry potter, implied harry/draco, implied severus/regulus, kingsley shacklebolt, kingsley/snape, lucius malfoy, lucius/draco, mcc/mcc, ofc, remus john lupin, remus/harry, salazar slytherin, severus snape, severus/kingsley, sirius black, sirius/harry, snarry, voldemort, voldemort/lucius

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