Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

800 Friends Drabble: Speeding towards a Slow Fuck, for libby_drew

I took prompts to celebrate my flist's hitting the 800 friends mark, and I'll be posting the results as I complete the drabbles.

20. libby_drew prompted me with: severus/draco....rose, cotton, letter .

Speeding towards a Slow Fuck (NC-17; Severus/Draco; 100 words)

The cotton of his robes teased Severus; he was bare beneath them. He contemplated the single rose, charmed green, that lay on his desk. It became yet warmer when he opened and read the letter.

"To have you inside me, thrusting so slowly, to have your teeth biting the back of my neck as you take me—that is my birthday wish."

Severus swallowed. His prick hardened, throbbed. Summer days at Hogwarts were no longer boring, not when Professor Malfoy made anticipating the nights so intriguing.

But he decided not to wait—some gifts needed to be given with alacrity.
Tags: 800 friends, drabbles/ficlets, draco malfoy, severus snape, severus/draco

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