Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

800 Friends Drabble: A Solitude of Two, for jenny_rose

I took prompts to celebrate my flist's hitting the 800 friends mark, and I'll be posting the results as I complete the drabbles.

11. jenny_rose prompted me with: Harry/Snape: meeting point.

A Solitude of Two (PG-13; Snarry; 100 words)

The secluded glade had long been their favourite meeting point. The exchanges they indulged in there had less to do with information than they did shared sighs and the happy slap of flesh sliding into flesh. Severus had given up feeling any guilt: the boy wanted him; he desired Harry.

Better my touches than those of stranger's, a stranger who might be any one of myriad enemies, Severus thought, kissing a path down Potter's backbone, his lips pressing each bony vertebra in turn. I'm not the only one who knows of his preferences.

Harry's back rose towards Severus' mouth. "More."
Tags: 800 friends, drabbles/ficlets, harry potter, severus snape, snarry

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