Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

800 Friends Drabble: Razed Hope, for tkurogrym

I took prompts to celebrate my flist's hitting the 800 friends mark, and I'll be posting the results as I complete the drabbles.

7. tkurogrym prompted me with: Snape & Mad-Eye: recovery, lost, fire.

Razed Hope (PG-13; Snape, Moody; 150 words)

Moody had been an abject bastard who'd borne no one any love, but Severus had learnt why in Albus' Pensieve upon claiming his office. It hadn't been the loss of Moody's eye. It hadn't been the chunk spell-blasted from his leg. It hadn't been a comrade, lost to Dark magic, that had filled him with rage. No, the birth of Moody's hatred, of his mania for constant vigilance, had been the day he'd witnessed the death of his daughter at the Dark Lord's hands.

Recovery from such a loss was impossible, Severus had heard, and watching Mad-Eye's expression, half-concealed by the rising tongues of fire encircling him, had made Severus grateful to know that he had no bastards of his own about which to be concerned.

Masking his pity for a man who would have cheerfully seen him dead, however, had been a greater challenge than it should have been.
Tags: 800 friends, alastor moody, drabbles/ficlets, severus snape

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