Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

800 Friends Drabble: The Svengali Sets His First Honey Trap, for streussal

I took prompts to celebrate my flist's hitting the 800 friends mark, and I'll be posting the results as I complete the drabbles.

4. streussal prompted me with: Tom Marvolo Riddle - Compromise.

The Svengali Sets His First Honey Trap (G; Tom Marvolo Riddle; 100 words)

Dying—there was nothing worse. Philosophers spoke of the adventures to be had beyond death, but Tom knew that such men had never delved as deeply into pure magic as had he. No, they concerned themselves with crafting fairytales about their vaunted bloodlines, and dissipated their power by indulging in the mythologies and . . . mechanics of "love."


He would not leave a legacy of flesh; he would become his own legacy—and love, his tool.

Women moved men; to lead, a lord required their love. It was an unfortunate but necessary compromise to be endured while securing followers.

"Good evening, Mrs Black."
Tags: 800 friends, black family matriarch, drabbles/ficlets, tom marvolo riddle

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