Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

The Shadow Drabble Series: Making His Mark (G; Neville, Harry, Shadow, Queenie, OKC; 100 words)

Making His Mark (G; Neville, Harry, Shadow, Queenie, Original Kitten Character; 100 words): Neville learns something magical about Shadow's family. (Sequel to Making Royalty.)

"—only one kitten, which strikes me as odd, but Shadow's entirely devoted to the wee thing—and to his Queenie. Wait until you see," Neville told Harry, as he followed Neville into the greenhouse.

Neville's eyes widened at the bizarre, blurring sight before him. Animagi! "What the hell?"

"They seem all right," Harry said quietly, walking around Neville to kneel before the camp bed. "Easy there, Dad. I won't hurt your family, promise."

Shadow's low growling reached Neville's ears, but Queenie, who was nursing her black kitten, allowed Harry's petting.

Shadow leapt off the bed and began spraying the fire ficuses.
Tags: drabbles/ficlets, harry potter, neville longbottom, original kitten character, queenie, shadow, shadow drabble series

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