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IJ 400 Friends Drabbles

I took prompts to celebrate my IJ flist's hitting the 400 friends mark; here is the result! (The following drabbles are also posted publicly at IJ.)

1. medawyn prompted me with: Neville Longbottom: territory, feline, green.

This drabble is the first in the Shadow Drabble Series.

Making Friends (G; Neville, injured cat; 100 words): Neville tends to a new friend.

Neville wrinkled his nose against the strong feline scent in Greenhouse Three.

Clearly a tom marking its territory, he thought, creeping about and lifting green fronds out of his way as he searched for it.

A shadow skulking against the back wall near some fire ficus caught his attention.

"Well, hullo there."

The shadow flattened and hissed; Neville knelt to see the injured cat, who was holding up one bloody paw.

"Lose a fight?" Neville asked, pushing forward bowls of conjured water and fish bits.

When the cat had eaten and settled itself, Neville asked, "Let me look at you?"

2. fodirteg prompted me with: Snarry; Sun-shocked!Severus.

Potter-Shocked (PG-13; Snarry; 100 words): Harry has a way of making Severus find his suggestions acceptable.


"But you enjoyed the shore last ti—"

"I enjoyed collecting specimens, not the sun."

Harry contemplated Severus' scowl and smiled. "It's not sun-shock you're worried about."

"We'll discuss your predilection for public shagging another time. I'm not going."

"You're the one who wanted to have me by the rocks. It's not like it was my idea, but I'm having a great one now."

"What are you doing?" Severus demanded, as Harry moved to embrace him.

One Apparation and several scandalised girl guides later, they were panting into the sand, sated and thoroughly in agreement about their next holiday destination.

3. leela_cat prompted me with: Harry/Severus - eclipse.

Fit to Burst (G; Snarry; 100 words): Severus thinks it's funny, except that he doesn't.

"—can't eclipse my love for you."

Severus burst out laughing.

"It's not funny!"

Wiping a hand over his face, Severus quieted, and his usual taciturn expression was revealed as he pulled the hand away.

"That's better. Now what am I—damn it!" Harry exclaimed, as Severus began laughing again.

Crumpling the love note up and throwing it at Severus' head, Harry stormed from the classroom, muttering obscenities.


"Miss Malfoy?"

"Y—yes, Headmaster Snape?" the pretty little blonde replied, emerging from the supply closet.

"Stay away from my husband, or you won't survive to be a Sixth Year."

Bursting into tears, the girl fled.

4. the_minx_17 prompted me with: Lily/Kingsley : secret, lies, flower.

A Pregnant Pause (PG; Lily/Kingsley; 100 words): Some mistakes aren't ones, even if they can't continue.

Kingsley was older, his sense of humour wasn't tainted by a mean streak, and his lies were easier to accept than James'. The secret meetings Lily enjoyed with him never felt furtive, and she was always ready to return to James when they'd finished. But the sudden panic she felt to discover herself pregnant gave her pause.

"Something the matter, flower?" Kingsley asked.

"You make me careless. I don't always remember the contraception charms."

Sighing, Kingsley gathered her up in his arms and whispered into her hair, "I never do."

Lily knew then that it was time to go home.

5. florahart prompted me with: Percy or Snape (or both), alligator, alien, artichoke.

Daddy, Unwound (G; Percy, OMC, MCC; 100 words): There's hope for everyone.

"Freddie, you know you're name isn't 'Ash Winder'," Percy admonished his seven-year-old son. "Why must you insist upon—"

"Daddy, look!"

"Inside voice," Percy whispered.

Freddie frowned and blinked up at him. "But we're outside."

"At what did you wish me to look?"

Turning his head, Freddie gazed in the direction of a tall man with sallow features and dark hair. "He must be an alien, or an alligator—a strange, Auntie Luna kind of one."

Percy smirked. He couldn't help it. The man sniffing over the artichokes was Severus Snape. How far we've come that Freddie doesn't fear him on sight.

6. holdyourspin prompted me with: Harry/Neville, balcony, voyeur, sailboat.

Going Places Together (NC-17; Harry/Neville; 100 words): Neville takes Harry in a surprising manner.

From their balcony, Harry could see himself and Neville cavorting on the sailboat in the harbour. He felt like a voyeur—until a warm hand reached around his body to cup his balls.

"Like my surprise?"

"People will see—oh, that's so good," Harry interrupted himself, as Neville's kneading fingers went to work on his inhibitions.

"You've always wanted to shag in public. It's just a spell, so only we can see. Perhaps," Neville continued, moving his hand to slide it into Harry's loose trousers and grasp his prick, "you'll find it inspiring enough to want to really have a go, yourself."

7. alisanne prompted me with: Snarry[:] Phoenix!

A Stirring Potion (Hard R; Snarry, Fawkes; 100 words): Severus knows his ingredients.

"That's not an appropriate use for phoenix tears! Fawkes, stop crying this instant!"

"You're becoming tiresome in your old age," Severus snapped, continuing to collect the tears into a small blue phial. "In any case, you've never complained about my lubricant before."

"I never knew that's what went into it!"

"Did you enjoy my fucking you thrice last evening? Your fucking me twice this morning?"

"You keep count?"

"I wasn't complaining, you idiot. Answer the question."

"Of course not, but—"

Severus's mouth stopped Harry's complaint, and then, breaking their embrace, he asked hoarsely, "Shall we attempt a new record, now?"

8. dracofiend prompted me with: Snarry: fierce, love, cynosure.

Always and Only (NC-17; Snarry; 100 words): Severus' mantra is unspoken.

The hero remained a cynosure; he had the love of so many. It no longer caused Severus to feel fierce jealousy of Harry, the worship he received from others. How could it, when Harry's mouth paid his cock fervent devotions of tongue and lips and teeth? How could it, when Harry opened for Severus without a qualm, and embraced him as he'd done with no other?

Mine, always and only mine.

The boy had become a man, had come undone by his hand, had come to him when all others had rejected him, and Severus would never let him go.

9. alienor77310 prompted me with: Snarry[:] touch, taste, smell.

Sensation, Undefined (PG; Snarry; 100 words): What comes before doesn't always prepare one to accept what one has, after.

Warm, firm, unexpected—the touch of Harry's lips against his own was not unwelcome, and to Harry's tongue, questing and questioning, clung the taste of the raspberries and yoghurt he had been eating, before. Severus' own meagre meal remained untouched; he had been feasting on the familiarity of Harry's eyes and the unfamiliarity of the emotion within them when the boy had elected to kiss him. Severus didn't understand why he had, but that didn't matter, because Harry was with him, touching him, tasting him—and embracing Harry, breathing him in, Severus could smell the faintest trace of home, of his Lily.

10. entrenous88 prompted me with: Severus/Ron: cloudy; startling, Quidditch.

Devoted Fan (PG-13; Severus/Ron; 100 words): Some realities aren't shared.

The man was magnificent on a broomstick; any idiot could see that. Of course, it was idiotic to wait for him, eyes cloudy with emotions best repressed, to catch one last glimpse of the Cannons' beloved Beater for the night—but then, Severus had never been one to control his impulses.

It was startling to feel his prick thicken so rapidly as he caught sight of Quidditch's reigning prince, freshly showered and looking as relaxed as any well-shagged wizard. His fists clenching, Severus followed his favourite's progress towards the stadium's Apparation point.

I'll show you shagging. I'll show you everything, Weasley.

11. ceria prompted me with: Kingsley[:] peace, determination, success.

Mightier (G; Kingsley; 100 words): Against political machinations ill, there stands ready a Minister of grace and skill.

Kingsley hadn't been Minister long before a determination by Parliament was made that new laws concerning "Muggleborns with extraordinary magical gifts" be written. The success of the first one under debate was shocking.

"This isn't about peace, but prejudice!" he raged, pacing his office.

His own children wouldn't be affected by any such laws, but there were countless other fathers' children who would be, and Kingsley vowed to fight for them.

He'd always been good with a wand and a quill, and, considering the requirements of governance and governors, he decided to promote a few legislative changes of his own.

12. leianora prompted me with: Lucius/Harry[:] comfort, gentle, nightmares.

The Proper Father (PG; Lucius/Harry; 100 words): Heirs and affairs—a proper Malfoy attends to both.

Sons marrying improperly—these were the nightmares of Malfoy fathers. It was no comfort that an improper candidate was wealthy; to know one's son was in love did not gentle one's heartbeat: blood was all.

There were circumstances in which love was a fine thing, for example, the circumstance of a kissable and biddable lover.

Given Draco's appalling sense of self-preservation and inability to mind his tongue, Lucius had used his lingual faculties to liberate Potter from his grasp—it had been a challenge, but Harry, once snared, was an enthusiastic bed-warmer, and Draco, secure in the arms of his proper wife.

13. shiv5468 prompted me with: Lucius/Hermione[:] Chains. split-ends, knees.

Hoarse (Hard R; Lucius/Hermione; 100 words): In which Hermione wins twice, possibly more times than she can count.

"I like you on your knees for me like this," Hermione whispered, inhaling the scent of Lucius' hair as she bent over him.

She refrained from teasing him about split-ends as she stood.

"Give me your tongue."

Hells, he was good! Wide strokes, teasing sucks—but Hermione wouldn't moan.

"You . . . shouldn't have . . . made that . . . bet."

Lucius didn't relent in his licking until Hermione, her legs shaking as she came, began to fall.

He was good; she'd lost consciousness. As she came to, she felt the cool challenge of chains.

"They're charmed. They won't release you until you give me your voice."

14. suntzu_s prompted me with: Charlie/Neville[:] prop.

Surviving the Ride, Just (NC-17; Charlie/Neville; 100 words): Even for a professional, some rides are too exciting.

The saddle in the information center of the Preserve was just a prop; no dragon handler would put a bejewelled saddle on a mount—not if he wanted to survive the ride.

This did nothing to detract from the delicious sight of Neville thrown over it.

Charlie alternated slaps to Neville's cheeks, spanking him faster and faster and faster until—

"Mmmmoh, fuck!"

As Neville bucked through his orgasm, Charlie pulled the plug out of his arse and thrust himself home. "So hot like this, so fucking tight! Nev, I—

—am so thoroughly embarassed, Charlie thought, falling forward. "S—orry. Couldn't . . . help it."

15. eeyore9990 prompted me with: Priest!Snape/altar boy!Harry: sacrilege, altar!sex, and rosary beads.

WARNING: Drabble Fifteen carries warnings for sacrilege and chan. I don't usually warn for drabbles, but I thought I should for this one.

Sacrilege (NC-17; Snarry; 100 words): An altar boy, Harry's relationship with Father Snape is both a blessing and a curse, but he can only bless it.

When Father Snape had caught him "praying," Harry had known there would be penance—he just hadn't known how devoted to it he'd become. It was wrong, being arse up, head down over the altar, begging for each bead to be pushed inside of his avaricious body, but Harry couldn't help it; he craved the discipline that only Father Snape knew how to provide.

Thoroughly filled, he held the rosary, tight; he knew what would happen if he attempted to dispel it.

"Oh, God!" Harry cried, as the dollops of wax fell hotly upon his sinful flesh. "Oh, bless you, Father!

16. gilly131 prompted me with i'll leave the pairing up to you, but guacamole (evil thing that it is), pms and fuschia are the prompts.

The Family Business (G; George, Rose, Hugo, and Hermione; 100 words): It's genetic.

"Uncle George, that's disgusting! Mom!" Rose shrieked, fleeing from the room as Hugo's post-prandial, fuschia "emissions," as she was wont to call such things—even when they didn't turn funny colours and hang in the air—wafted heavily in her direction.

George and Hugo, mouths smeared with Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes' special guacamole, burst out laughing.

"Got to be PMT, couldn't be us," Hugo said, belching and helping himself to more.

George grinned. "Wait 'til you see the plans I have for hummus!"

"Don't you dare tell my son about that perversion of chick peas!"

"Pulses mature early, right?"

"You've no idea, partner."

17. lalaith_niniel prompted me with bastard!Lucius and assertive!Neville. (This drabble is set in the Amidst the Doxies universe.)

Gratitude (R; Neville/Lucius; 100 words): Neville pursues Lucius for intimate reparations.

Malfoy—Lucius Malfoy—had grown a conscience. This was why the bastard was on his knees before Neville in the "hospitality house" they both frequented. No one knew anyone at Feathers, but, for a price, one might know anyone one wished.

Neville had never been one for glamours, but he'd been prepared to accept them once his fantasy had taken shape—until Beatrice had assured him that Malfoy was available for "mutual entertainments."


"Thank you, sir."

Malfoy's arse was ruddy; the imprint of Neville's hand glowed, pearlescent, against his perfect, blooming skin.


"Fu—oh, thank you, sir!"

But Neville wanted his tears.

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  • snapecase invites beta readers to participate!

    If you're available to pinch-hit for a snapecase creator, please introduce yourself!

  • snapecase sign ups are closed

    snapecase sign ups are closed, and I've just posted the 2022 List of Snape Showcase Creators! I can't wait to see our creators'…

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