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The "April Prompts Bring May Drabbles" Drabblethon: Day Twenty-Five!

The prompt and original drabble posts for this drabblethon were lost to my back-up snafu. These drabbles were written on the occasion of my 400th friending.

79. For starcrossedgirl, whose prompt was "Harry/Snape/Luna: handcuffs, fire, jealousy."

At Home with the Dark Lord (PG-13; Harry/Snape/Luna; 100 words)

"Come sit by me," Harry told Luna, who shook her head while she obeyed him.

Severus was already by Harry's side, wearing handcuffs and an expression devoid of any emotion.

"His jealousy makes him bitter."

Luna shook her head again. "I don't think that's it."

A red stripe cut across her cheek, a sign of Harry's impatience with one of his favorites.

"That hurt me."

"You hurt me. I didn't like it."

"You hurt all of us first, Harry," Luna said, not daring to touch her wound.

She was defiant, not stupid, and hoped she might do some good alive.

80. For starcrossedgirl, whose prompt was "Snape/Harry/Luna: humour, friendship, love."

Peach Pie and Petulance (PG-13; Harry/Snape/Luna; 100 words)

"I love both of you. I value your friendship."

Oh, good. His sense of humour has returned.

Luna heard Snape's words in her mind and wondered why Harry did not.

"I want us to be together always."

"I want peach pie," Luna replied.

"Why must you mock me?" Harry asked calmly, as an enormous peach pie appeared over Luna's head.

Snape moved to stand with her.

"Severus, why are you being so difficult?"

"This is all a dream, Harry—the Dark Lord's dream—fight it!"

"Now you're just being insulting!" Harry yelled, storming off.

Snape seized Luna and pulled her out of danger.

81. For starcrossedgirl, whose prompt was "Harry/Snape/Hermione: desire, books, knowledge."

Don't Question (NC-17; Harry/Snape/Hermione; 100 words)

Luna was gone. In her place was Hermione who, Snape thought, had broken rather easily. Of course, it was difficult to think with his prick in the girl's mouth.

She didn't learn this knowledge from books, he thought, wondering what desire it slaked in Harry to see him bound and being sucked off.

"You like that, don't you, Hermione? He tastes better than Ron, doesn't he?"

Harry. This isn't Harry.

Snape heard the girl's thoughts, even as he came.

It is now, girl. Get used to it.

"Where's Luna?" Hermione asked shakily, sometime later when Harry had finished with her.

Tags: 400 friends, april prompts, drabbles/ficlets, harry potter, harry/snape/hermione, harry/snape/luna, hermione granger, luna lovegood, severus snape

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