Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
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The "April Prompts Bring May Drabbles" Drabblethon: Day Twelve!

The prompt and original drabble posts for this drabblethon were lost to my back-up snafu. These drabbles were written on the occasion of my 400th friending.

36. For justjayj, whose prompt was "Harry/Ginny: broomshed, spiders, stolen."

Semantics (NC-17; Harry/Ginny; 100 words)

Ginny never minded the spiders in the broom shed, which meant that she and Harry could spend long, stolen moments alone there in the summer. Currently, he was stealing his way under the lacy edging of her knickers to tickle the soft flesh within.

"Harry, oh—more of that, please!"

Feeling bold, Harry whispered, "You like my fingers in your quim, don't you?"

"My what?" Ginny demanded, pushing Harry's hand away.

Coloring, Harry mumbled, "Is that not . . . I mean, don't you . . . sorry."

"My grandmum had a 'quim', you prat. I've a cunt—a cunt that wants your thick, hot, cock inside it."

37. For eaivalefay, whose prompt was "Severus/Harry/Narcissa: gun, government, secret."

Sweet Nothing (NC-17; Severus/Harry/Narcissa; 100 words)

Things ended badly for Narcissa. But then, carrying around the Dark Lord in your cunt did make one much like a loaded gun; her continued existence post-war was kept quite secret—with the government's blessing—by Severus and Harry.

Their nights were often spent taking turns holding her down and licking hot stripes up her leg to the "offending orifice."

"Oh gods, Narcissa," Severus panted, on one of these occasions, "no wonder the Dark Lord wanted to hide here. You're so—"

He was interrupted when Harry pushed his face back into Narcissa's cunt.

"Make her scream. She deserves it—don't you, Dark Lady?"

38. For eaivalefay, whose prompt was "Harry, Luna, Severus: Yarn, substitute, resplendent."

Tourist Attraction (PG-13; Harry, Luna, Severus; 100 words)

Harry loves Luna's yarn; she makes it herself.

Luna loves Harry's carding; she tells him so every day.

"You're looking resplendent in that jumper—such a fetching green," Harry replies, nodding his head as if in a bow toward Luna's chair.

But Luna, Severus sees, isn't there. Why has he elected to fixate on her? What sort of substitute is this fantasy for reality? the Potions master wonders.

But he doesn't wonder for long, as there are plenty of tourists in Voldemort's Cleansed World come to view the subject.

Severus wishes that there was yet some fight left in the boy.

Tags: 400 friends, april prompts, drabbles/ficlets, ginny weasley, harry potter, harry/ginny, luna lovegood, narcissa, narcissa malfoy, severus snape, snarry

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