Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
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The "April Prompts Bring May Drabbles" Drabblethon: Day Seven!

The prompt and original drabble posts for this drabblethon were lost to my back-up snafu. These drabbles were written on the occasion of my 400th friending.

21. For lapillus, whose prompt was "Minerva, Hedwig. Parcel, sparkles, smug."

The Gift (G; Minerva, Hedwig, Flitwick; 100 words)

Minerva gave Hedwig an owl treat and accepted the bird's parcel, her eyes filling with sparkles as she saw from whom it had been sent. Her expression quickly turned smug as she pulled out the paper rattle, upon which was emblazoned, "Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Granger are pleased to announce the birth of their first grandchild, Minerva Margaret Granger-Potter."

The rattle exploded into a riotous profusion of colored streamers, and Harry and Hermione's voice's called out, "Your goddaughter is healthy, happy, and hale!"

"Congratulations, Headmistress!" Professor Flitwick exclaimed.

"Thank you," she replied, surreptitiously wiping away a tear. "It's wonderful news."

22. For hydrogen2oxygen, whose prompt was "Alice Longbottom/Bellatrix Lestrange; possession, obsession, impression."

Theatrics (PG-13; implied Bellatrix/Alice; 100 words)

She'd cast Cruciatus for too many hours to count—she'd wanted to make an impression—but the Auror hadn't told her anything, and her eyes were becoming glassy.

It was almost time to really play.

"Alice doesn't live here anymore," Bellatrix cooed, "does she?"

"Your new possession seems quiet," Rodolphus noted. "Perhaps you should put her down, now."

But Bellatrix couldn't do that. It was always an obsession with her, forcing her captives to respond after torture had broken them.

"You know better, husband."

"Yes, but I have no wish to watch tonight."

"Perhaps my dear brother-in-law might enjoy the show?"


23. For alex_broken, whose prompt was "trio: dildo, bed curtain, cellphone."

Post-Celebration (R; Harry/Ron/Hermione; 100 words)

Wrapped up in the bed curtain and each other, Harry, Ron, and Hermione awoke to an odd noise.

"Hermione," Harry whispered, as Ron slumbered on, "why is his arse ringing?"

"I told you," she murmured sleepily, "that we shouldn't have let him play with the hotel room's cell phone."

"That's on its cradle."

Hermione shifted, and Ron snorted in his sleep as her hands groped about his bum. "Oh!" she exclaimed, giggling. "It's the toy, not the phone."


"Ron," Hermione admonished him, "did you charm the dildo to ring?"

"You liked it well enough last night," he replied, grinning.

Tags: 400 friends, alice longbottom, april prompts, bellatrix lestrange, bellatrix/alice, drabbles/ficlets, filius flitwick, harry potter, harry/ron/hermione, hedwig, hermione granger, minerva mcgonagall, ron weasley

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