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The "April Prompts Bring May Drabbles" Drabblethon: Day Three!

The prompt and original drabble posts for this drabblethon were lost to my back-up snafu. These drabbles were written on the occasion of my 400th friending.

8. For ragdoll, whose prompt was "Bill/Tonks Chocolate kisses wine."

Promises (PG-13; Bill/Tonks; 100 words)

When Bill sucked the chocolate sauce off her toes, Tonks' hair burst into brilliant mocha streamers that cascaded over her shoulders like wine from a fountain, and he, entranced, laid kisses up her body, following the strands.

"Like you . . . this way—keep it long?"


Bill's fingers traveled up Tonks' hips to meet in the valley of her belly and rest there, teasingly still. "But I'd like you to keep it this way, love."

"Love," he says. He'd like me better blonde, Tonks thought, not that Bill's preference mattered to her at the moment. "No. Now kiss me again."

"Yes. Always."

9. For ragdoll, whose prompt was "Bill/Tonks/Charlie music dark dragons."

The Detour (NC-17; Bill/Tonks/Charlie; 100 words)

The dark music of the dragons as they mated was intoxicating, and Tonks wasn't surprised when Bill pulled her back into an empty pen and ground his cock against her arse.

She reached an arm up over and behind her head to pull Bill's mouth down to her neck, moving her legs apart to give him better access.

"Yes," Bill hissed, as she squeezed herself around him.

"Fuck," said Charlie. "This isn't on the tour."

"It should . . . be," Tonks said, reaching out for Charlie in invitation.

He took it, positioning himself between her knees to lap enthusiastically at her clit.

10. For ragdoll, whose prompt was "Bill/Tonks/Sirius boredom dare adventure."

Necessary Distraction (NC-17; Bill/Tonks/Sirius; 100 words)

It was Tonks' suggestion that Sirius' boredom was getting the better of him, that he needed a little adventure lest he find himself in trouble, that led to Bill's dare.

"I can make her come faster than you ever could. You're out of practice."

Sirius' eyes blazed with the challenge, and Tonks felt herself melt in response to the promises she saw there.

"Every drop of you," Sirius panted, thrusting his tongue inside of his cousin, "I'll have every needful drop."

If Bill hadn't have been holding her down, she'd have fallen off the table from her thrashing.

"So . . . good!"

11. For ragdoll, whose prompt was "canon!Blaise/Ginny fire ice spark."

Not Him (R; Blaise/Ginny; 100 words)

"Slughorn's got the right idea. We should be getting to know one another better," Blaise growled, blocking Ginny's progress from the room.

His voice burnt like a spark against her skin, like ice, and Ginny knew she wanted more of that fire.

Harry never looks at me like this, she thought, leaning into the Slytherin's hands and closing her eyes.

"Open them. Don't think of him," Blaise ordered, rucking up her skirt with one hand and caressing his way toward the lacy edging of her knickers with the other. "I'm the one who's making you feel this way—not him."


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