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The Harry Potter Expressions of Fatherhood Fest


the Harry Potter Expressions of Fatherhood Fest

Writers and artists, I invite you to celebrate some aspect of Potterverse fatherhood.

Suggestions for participation include (but are certainly not limited to) writing/drawing a story/scene that:

  • illustrates some aspect of a "father-child" relationship,

  • details the emotions a wizard feels as (he or) his partner is about to give birth,

  • explores the irritations or celebrates the joys of fatherhood.

    Submissions of all genres, with the exception of incest fic/art, are welcome. Please place your publicly posted submissions under lj-cuts and provide headers for them that include their ratings and any appropriate warnings. Please comment to this post with the links to your submissions once you've posted them so that I may compile a master list of all entries.

    The deadline for submissions is 30 September 31 October 2006.

    The Expressions of Fatherhood Fest is was open to everyone and begins now but is now closed. ♥

    Note: This is a reconstructed post, made after my back-up snafu; its original comments have been lost.

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