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Master List of Round Two of the Harry Potter Random Facts Fest

Round Two of the Harry Potter Random Facts Fest is now over. Note: The initial fest post was lost in my back-up snafu. Thank you so much to everyone who participated! *hugs*

Master List of Round Two of the Harry Potter Random Facts Fest

Basilisk, The: By ella_menno, here.

Black, Regulus: By embossedsilver, here.

Black, Sirius and Remus Lupin: By chokolattejedi, here.

Black Sisters, The: By chokolattejedi, here.

Bletchley, Miles and Alicia Spinnet: By royalty25, here.

Clearwater, Penelope: By tudor_ink, here.

Corner, Michael and Tracey Davis: By maniacalmuse, here.

Davies, Roger: By maniacalmuse, here.

Diggory, Cedric: By lkwreader, here.

Diggory, Cedric and Hermione Granger: By lkwreader, here.

Dumbledore, Albus: By chokolattejedi, here.

Dumbledore, Albus and Severus Snape: By snapes_nightie, here.

Dursley, Vernon and Petunia: By soberloki, here.

Evans, Lily: By soberloki, here.

Founders, The: By eaivalefay, here.

Granger, Hermione: By cpolk, here.

Granger, Hermione: By littlelizzyann, here.

Hogwarts: By fairyniamh, here.

Jones, Hestia: By islablack, here.

Lestrange, Bellatrix: By softlyforgotten, here.

Longbottom, Neville: By rubymiene, here.

Lovegood, Luna: By liriehalliwell, here.

Malfoy, Draco: By chokolattejedi, here.

Malfoy, Draco: By jandjsalmon, here.

Malfoy, Draco and Ginny Weasley: By julia_lily, here.

Malfoy, Narcissa: By therealw, here.

McGonagall, Minerva: By only_for_one, here.

Moody, Alastor: By vanityfair00, here.

Ollivanders, The: By chokolattejedi, here.

Potter, Harry: By chokolattejedi, here.

Potter, Harry and Ginny Weasley: By only_for_one, here.

Potter, Harry and Severus Snape: By queenrissa, here.

Shacklebolt, Kingsley: By the_spinnersend, here.

Smith, Zacharias and Daphne Greengrass: By amorphous, here.

Snape, Severus: By gunderpants, here.

Snape, Severus: By kitsune_okashi, here.

Snape, Severus and Harry Potter: By asrai99, here.

Snape, Severus, Harry Potter, and Draco Malfoy: By ravenna_c_tan, here.

Snape, Tobias: By snapes_nightie, here.

Snape-Potter Wedding, The: By darth_stitch, here.

Tonks, Nymphadora: By meddow, here.

Weasley, Bill: By muchiant, here.

Weasley, Charlie: By islablack, here.

Weasley, Fred and George: By chokolattejedi, here.

Weasley, Ginny: By chokolattejedi, here.

Weasley, Ginny: By liliaevans, here.

Weasley, née Bones, Susan: By iulia_linnea, here.

Weasley, Percy: By emiime, here.

Weasley, Ron: By castoffstarter, here.

Weasley, Ron and Pansy Parkinson: By tudor_ink, here.

Zabini, Blaise: By leianora, here.

Zabini, Blaise and Ginny Weasley: By dirtyxemoxkid, here.

Zabini, Blaise and Luna Lovegood: By liriehalliwell, here.
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