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Note to self: Your offering will need to be broken out into its own post for the purpose of migration.

The first round of this prompt fest was in January. People seemed to enjoy it, so I thought I'd run it again.

Part of my writing process, when I can't get any writing done, is to write random prompts. Here are ten, which you should feel free to take. If you do take one, please post your result (or, if it's long, a link to it) in comments. (I'll update this post to reflect your offering.)

Have fun!


1. Getting to lick it off was the best part.

ladylark77's offering

2. "This is not the pudding you're looking for."

qzee's offering

3. [Character's name] had never much cared for tarts.

windypoint's offering

4. Severus was appalled.

iulia_linnea's offering

shiv5468's offering

5. The way the tendrils wrapped themselves around . . . .

6. "I read about it in Hogwarts: A History."

cpolk's offering

7. In the history of wedding disasters, this one was the . . . .

8. [Character's name] glared at the creature.

dracofiend's offering

9. "But vampires don't go in for that sort of thing!"

10. [Character's name] didn't have to be told twice.

Note to self: this post isn't backed up to IJ.


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May. 8th, 2007 02:27 am (UTC)
I know you write HP, but that first prompt is just BEGGING to be used with Doctor who...
May. 8th, 2007 03:31 am (UTC)
You're more than welcome to take the prompt away and play with it in any fandom you like. :D
May. 8th, 2007 03:31 am (UTC)
Oh....they are only for authors? not artists? some is kind of fun t draw....

May. 8th, 2007 03:34 am (UTC)
They can certainly be for both! I'd love it if you'd draw something or several somethings in response to the prompts!
(no subject) - sealcat - May. 8th, 2007 04:09 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - iulia_linnea - May. 8th, 2007 06:26 am (UTC) - Expand
May. 8th, 2007 05:50 am (UTC)
This is not the pudding you're looking for." Harry waved his hands mysteriously and Ron just looked at him as if he thought Harry was crazy, but Seamus laughed and held up his wand.

"Use the force Harry!"

"Help me Obi Wan Finnigan, your my only hope!" Harry cried out dramatically as Seamus and he started dueling. Creating their own special effects. Pretending their wands were lightsabers. Most of the surrounding students watching them with disbelief.

"I think we need to get them to Pomfrey." Ron whispered to Neville and Neville nodded. Preparing to cast an Immobulus. Stopped only by the sight of Snape swooping towards them, humming an ominous tune.

Harry and Seamus turn toward him, gaping.

"Harry," Professor Snape breathed heavily, "I am your father."


"One hundred points from Gryffindor for profanity." Snape sneered and swooshed away, menacingly.

"He was kidding, right?" Seamus.

"Yeah, I think so." Harry. "I would never have pegged him to be a Star Wars fan though."

"Me neither." Seamus.

"What in the hell is going on?" Ron, purple with rage.

Harry sighed, knowing that it would take him hours to explain Star Wars to Ron.

May. 8th, 2007 06:22 am (UTC)
OMG! You're brilliant! *loves*

Also? I'm so relieved; I thought you'd gone all Severitus on me there for a moment---when I was in the body of my comment notification email. ;)

Brilliant, I say!
(no subject) - qzee - May. 9th, 2007 04:10 pm (UTC) - Expand
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(Deleted comment)
May. 8th, 2007 05:12 pm (UTC)
Hee! I love being an eavesdropper here. :D *ponders "that particular custom" with glee*
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May. 8th, 2007 08:32 pm (UTC)
OMG! Snupin!
Severus was appalled. "Lupin, you can't be serious."

"I assure you, I am. There's good money in throwing magical pots. These---"

"You're turning down my offer of employment at Hogwarts to be a potter?"

"---are charmed to keep milk fresh for a year, and these," Remus continued, gesturing toward a shelf of small blue bowls, "are---"

"Stop it," Severus ordered, furious. "You're not some backwater craftsman, and you told me that---"

"I'd come back to Hogwarts if you wanted me to, not because you needed a Defense teacher, Headmaster."

Severus sighed and closed his eyes against Remus' emphasis of his title. "What were you expecting? A proposal?" he demanded, opening his eyes to find Remus staring at him, his eyes full of wistful sadness and resignation.

"I don't expect anything from you, Severus, not now."

"Ten months ago, you---"

"And I said a lot of things. We were pissed. We shagged. It was a celebration---I don't expect you meant half of what you told me then. . . . If you had, you wouldn't have left me to my own devices for so long."

"Lupin, I---"

"But you did, and that's fine," Remus continued, running a hand through his dusty hair. "I know you've been busy since your exoneration. I just thought---no. No, it doesn't matter what I thought. Ask Harry. He'll probably jump at the chance to return to Hogwarts."

"I don't want Potter! I want you. Stop behaving like a stubborn fool and come . . . come home. With me," Severus added, hoping that it would be enough.

"What's home, then?"

Severus sighed. "Hogwarts, obviously," he replied, noting how Remus' gaze hardened.

"What's home, then?"

Clenching his fists, Severus said, "Home is . . . home is where you and I sleep. Together. Wake up. Together. Eat and teach and talk. Together. What more would you have it be?"

"I'd hope it would also be the place we shag," Remus told him, his mouth curving into a half-smile as he approached Severus and took one of his fists in his hands.

Severus started as he felt Remus gently unfurl his fingers and begin to rub them; relaxing into the touch, he snapped, "Was that enough of a proposal, or are you going to persist in playing with me?"

"We're not too old to play with each other, are we?" Remus whispered, before drawing Severus' hand to his lips and kissing each of its finger pads.

Severus shuddered, but not with dread. "You're going to frighten away your customers---and you haven't answered me."

A placard flew from the register to the door, hanging itself there, and then the lock snapped.

"Take me home, and I'll scare you up an answer you're not likely to forget."

Relieved, Severus allowed himself to smirk. "Very well then, Professor Lupin."
May. 8th, 2007 10:11 pm (UTC)
Re: OMG! Snupin!

Love the Snupin!!

really, I do. ^_^
Re: OMG! Snupin! - iulia_linnea - May. 8th, 2007 10:24 pm (UTC) - Expand
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(Deleted comment)
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May. 8th, 2007 09:51 pm (UTC)
If I get to feeling very brave and very inspired may I write one that someone already wrote? b
May. 8th, 2007 10:26 pm (UTC)
Of course! Multiples are encouraged. :D
May. 8th, 2007 10:11 pm (UTC)
YAY for Darth Snape!
May. 8th, 2007 10:27 pm (UTC)
*cheers with you*
May. 8th, 2007 10:13 pm (UTC)
...and they both think they won! :D
May. 8th, 2007 10:14 pm (UTC)
(re:the snupin... oops)
(no subject) - iulia_linnea - May. 8th, 2007 10:28 pm (UTC) - Expand
May. 8th, 2007 10:20 pm (UTC)
The Snarry is very sweet-snarky! Lovely :-)
May. 8th, 2007 10:29 pm (UTC)
It is, and you can direct that sentiment to cpolk, if you like; she won't get it here unless she reads all of the comments. :)
May. 8th, 2007 10:34 pm (UTC)
Number 3

Not long, but I'm linking anyway.

May. 8th, 2007 10:46 pm (UTC)
May. 8th, 2007 10:58 pm (UTC)
Severus was appalled.

"What do you mean I have to be assessed?" he thundered.

"All characters that have reached an ahem end, sahll we leave it like that... have to be reassessed to see if there is another series or novel that they could be used for. You've been used by many an author over the years... in fact, if we look here, see, there is the name of Byron, and oooh, is that a Bronte? I can't make out which one, though." The man with the clipboard peered at his list, setting out all the details of Snape's previous owners.

"This is all Potter's fault."

"Technically... no. It's rather more JKR's fault, but you really shouldn't hold it against her. You've had a good run for your money. And her's, of course." The man smiled at his own joke. Severus didn't.

"And why don't I remember any of this?"

"Well, we remove your memories, strip you down to the basic archetype of dark and dangerous and send you back out into the ehter and see who picks you up."

Snape reached out and grasped the man by his collar. "You mean you Obliviate me?"

"Something like that," the man gasped.

"That is unacceptable."

"There's always the fanfiction option, if you insist." The man was beginning to look a little blue round the gills.

"Which is?"

"You don't get obliviated, you remember your past life, mostly, though people will playing silly buggers with it, and you get to have lots of sex with lots of different peopl."

"Well, why didn't you say so?"

"Some characters prefer not to be used in such a sleazy manner.

"I have spent seven books in a world where I haven't been able to have so much as a wank in case I affect the ratings. I may even be a virgin, I'm not sure, so I'm ready to fuck the Giant Squid."

"Funny you should say that....."
May. 8th, 2007 11:00 pm (UTC)

OMG, that's brilliant! *loves*
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May. 9th, 2007 03:38 am (UTC)
Severus glared at the creature.

"I beg your pardon?"

Potter shrugged. "I, um. I'm in love. With you." He rubbed at his nose. "Like majorly."

Severus switched to a grimace. "Majorly," he repeated. He was going bug-eyed with the glare.

"No, it's true!" the boy chirrupped. "Look, I got a tattoo!"

Severus' mouth fell open. Potter rolled up his left sleeve.

"No," Severus whispered, gazing in horror.

"There," Potter sighed. He traced his inner forearm with a dreamy finger. "Now we match!"

Severus arched a brow.

"Well, we will once you get yours fixed," Potter added. "See, they can ink over the skull part, like this--" With breathtaking impertinence the boy reached out and yanked up Severus' wrist to push back the sleeve. "--and turn it into a heart." He beamed. "Nice, right?"

Severus glared at the creature, who grinned up winningly.

He supposed a heart wouldn't be so bad.

May. 9th, 2007 05:18 am (UTC)

A heart will be an improvement---and what comes with it! :D
(no subject) - rory8 - May. 9th, 2007 07:38 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - shiv5468 - May. 9th, 2007 07:49 am (UTC) - Expand
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May. 9th, 2007 11:52 am (UTC)
Snupin! It's a ... guilty pleasure ;)

I wandered over in shiv5468's wake, and I'm glad I came. It is very sweet!
May. 9th, 2007 12:40 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Feel free to take a prompt. :D
May. 9th, 2007 11:37 pm (UTC)
Here from shiv5468's journal. Looks like fun. Friending you too look around a bit. I like the random prompt thing, would try to tackle one if I wasn't so busy.
May. 10th, 2007 12:03 am (UTC)
*waves* I friended you back so that you can have a proper look. :) There is a link to my fic on my user info page.
May. 10th, 2007 12:51 am (UTC)
Getting to lick it off was the best part.
"I just love birthday cake." Harry told the man next to him.

"And why is that?" Severus asked, looking bored with the whole thing.

"Because," Harry began, "There are so many possible ways to eat it."

Harry held up his hand with one finger pointing up, "Some people like to use a spoon or fork," second finger, "some people just use their fingers," third finger, "some like to have icecream melting into the cake as they eat it, making a big gooey mess," Harry was going to continue when Severus grabbed his hand.

"Yes, yes, but I have to say that getting to lick it off was the best part of eating your birthday cake." Severus said before sucking Harry's fingers, into his mouth one at a time cleaning them of the suggary mess.


Not very long... but... *shruggs*

I've been thinking about this prompt all day while at work...
May. 10th, 2007 04:02 am (UTC)
Re: Getting to lick it off was the best part.
It doesn't have to be, what with the Severus licking, and all. :D
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