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Ten Prompts in Search of Their Authors (E.T.A.)

Part of my writing process, when I can't get any writing done, is to write random prompts. Here are ten, which you should feel free to take. If you do take one, please post your result (or, if it's long, a link to it) in comments. (I'll update this post to reflect your offering.)

Prompts and Responses

1. Ron couldn't help but feel smug.

qzee's drabble, Freckled Shenanigans, is here.

qzee's drabble, Rotten Ron, is here.

2. "Dear Mrs. Snape, . . . ."

chasingtides's drabble is here.

psyfic' drabble is here.

belinda_snape's drabble is here.

3. Luna had never killed anyone before.

qzee's drabble, Luna's Thirst, is here.

geniusartist's drabble is here.

4. Andromeda's book club meeting had run late again.

5. Draco looked at his father as if he'd never seen him before.

chasingtides's drabble is here.

6. "He could have died."

el_payasito's drabble is here.

7. Hagrid pitied Filch.

geniusartist's drabble is here.

8. It's not fair, thought Romilda.

septima66's drabble is here.

9. Aberforth had never seen anything like it, and it gave him ideas.

eaivalefay's drabble is here.

10. My intentions are good, so it doesn't matter if it is a dark spell.

chasingtides's drabble is here.

E.T.A. Six Four prompts still need authors Prompt Four is still in search of an author, and it would be just fine if you played again or responded to a prompt that has already been selected. Plus, if you want to comment on any of the players' drabbles in comments, please feel free (players should also feel free to respond to feedback). :D

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