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Master list of the Harry Potter Drabble-to-Fic Fest

Here is the master list of the Harry Potter Drabble-to-Fic Fest. *thanks those who participated* ♥


Begun to Love (G; Harry/Voldemort; 100 words), by eaivalefay

Colourless (G; Tonks; 100 words), by unintendedmuse

For Your Own Good (PG; Harry, Shacklebolt; 100 words), by medawyn

Golden (PG; Percy, Penelope; 100 words), by painted_blind

Handled (NC-17; Snape/Lupin; 100 words), by bronze_ribbons

Heard (G; Snape/Lupin; 100 words), by bronze_ribbons

Hundred Years From Here, A (G; Harry, Voldemort, mentions of Draco and Luna; 100 words), by animimares

Imperative Exchange, An (G; Harry/Draco, Slughorn; 100 words), by tori_siikanen

It's Alive (G; surprise characters; 100 words), by stasia

Later (PG-13; Harry, Draco; 100 words), by waterbird

Letter, The (PG; Snape/Ron unrequited, Hermione; 100 words), by heronmy_weasley

Manipulating Prophecy (G; Dumbledore, Lily Potter; 100 words), by kateri_e

Muggle Studies (G, Severus Snape, 100 Words), by timetiger

Myths (NC-17; Severus/Harry; 100 words), by kateri_e

Odd Jobs (G, Remus Lupin, 100 Words), by timetiger

Odd Jobs II (PG, Remus Lupin, 100 Words), by timetiger

Once and Future King, The (G; Future Weasleys; 100 words), by stasia

Potions Master (NC-17; Severus/Girl!Harry; 100 words), by kateri_e

Reflected Glory (unrated; Snape/Lupin; 100 words), by undunoops

Refuse (PG; Harry, Draco, Voldemort; 100 words), by waterbird

Regular Magellan, A (NC17; Dean/Seamus; 100 words), by hydrogen2oxygen

Skin (PG; Dean/Luna; 100 words), by heronmy_weasley

Some Like It Hot..and Sticky (PG-13; Snape/Lupin; 100 words), by bronze_ribbons

Thirty Years (PG; Snape/Lupin; 100 words), by skree_ratling

Twice (There and Back Again) (R; Draco/Hermione; 100 words), by argosy

Untitled Drabble (G; Lily Evans/Bellatrix Black; 100 Words), by eaivalefay

Untitled Drabble (G; Theodore Nott; 100 words), by eaivalefay


Hundred Years from Here, A (PG-13; Ron/Hermione, Draco/Ginny, Neville/OC, and Snape/Harry; 4300 words), by medawyn

Seen (R; Lupin/Snape; 2450 words), by pixychelle

Self-delusion (R; Percy/Penelope; 1170 words), by leianora
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