November 2nd, 2021

Bridge to Riverton

In memory of Albus, who will be missed

We let Albus go this morning. It was time. He died peacefully and without pain after saying goodbye to his cat and being snuggled and petted. I can barely breathe without crying for our dog of comfort, our pastry hound, our finder of lost dogs and fosterer of stray cats, our defender from things that should not be—loneliness, cold, turtles, (would-be) robbers, bison (the Not Meat)—so for now, I'll leave you with my favorite picture of him and Merva and his epitaph.

March 2013

Albus T. Dog

18 June 2009 - 2 November 2021

Loved animals,
loved people,
loved pastries,
loved meat —
Albus was a good loyal loving boy,
and now he is, forever, off lead.

Walk on, Albus. Walk on.