September 7th, 2021

Pairing Whore Penguins

Albus and Darcy: progress!

Albus and Darcy are walking together nicely, eating near each other (while monitored) without incident, and now, they're sitting with each other!

September 2021

Shog and I even took a nap with Albus and the cats while Darcy slept on her bed by the big one (she's having trouble climbing up, and I don't think she felt comfortable at the thought of sharing with Albus and all the cats, but baby steps). This is a good amount of progress in an excellent period of time!
Snape Showcase

snapecase sign ups update (ETA)

snapecase boasts some stellar, imaginative works in all its categories, but I invite artists and writers to review the works of Categories One and Three toward finding inspiration to tell new stories about Snape from birth to ten-years-old and from twenty-one- to thirty-years-old. Snape's early years as represented by these age ranges provide a great deal of artistic space for creators to explore.

snapecase sign ups continue! Currently, there are three two open positions in Category One and three two open positions in Category Three, and both categories must be filled for the Snape Showcase to run properly.

Questions? Email them to snapecase [at] gmail [dot] com.

If you'd like to participate in snapecase, please sign up here!
Pairing Whore Penguins

Well, now I know why Dar's been trying to snuffle that particular spot . . .

Well, now I know why Dar's been trying to snuffle that particular spot in the woods—she just found the remains of a coyote. I think that also explains why our neighbors' big dogs have been slipping out of their yard so often of late (and why Dar refused to eat breakfast this morning).

Even I couldn't fail to smell the carcass this afternoon; it was rank! Darcy looked so pleased with me for stopping to examine it, as if I'd finally shown her I wasn't entirely devoid of basic survival skills. ;P She was grumpy that I wouldn't allow her any nibbles, but she'll get over that eventually. She did accept part of my lunch before eating some crunchy food, so that's good.

And now I'm taking the shovel out to bury the coyote before it proves too much temptation for any other neighborhood dogs—for that reason, and also because after today, I never want to experience that particular scent again!

I hope your day is going well!