September 5th, 2021

Snape Showcase

snapecase sign ups update

snapecase sign ups continue! Currently, there are open positions for the following categories:

Age-Range Categories
 One  Snape from birth to 10-years-old  3 positions available 
 Two  Snape from 11- to 20-years-old  1 positions available 
 Three  Snape from 21- to 30-years-old  4 positions available 
 Four  Snape from 31- to 40-years-old  0 positions available 
 Five  Snape from 41- to 50-years-old (and beyond)  0 positions available 

*waves goodbye to Categories Four and Five*

Categories One and Three really need love for the fest to run—and Category Two has only one fest position left. Please sign up today! :D