September 2nd, 2021

Snape Showcase

snapecase sign ups update (ETA)

snapecase sign ups continue! Currently, there are open positions for the following categories:

Age-Range Categories
 One  Snape from birth to 10-years-old  4 positions available 
 Two  Snape from 11- to 20-years-old  2 positions available 
 Three  Snape from 21- to 30-years-old  5 positions available 
 Four  Snape from 31- to 40-years-old  1 positions available 
 Five  Snape from 41- to 50-years-old (and beyond)  1 positions available 

If you're interested in Categories Two, Four, and (especially) Five, you should sign up sooner rather than later—and Categories One and Three need love!

Please remember that het, gen, and slash entries of any rating or genre are welcome at the Snape Showcase, as are artists and writers alike!

ETA at 2 p.m.: Artists, snapecase needs you—especially if you're interested in Categories One and Three—for all categories!
Pairing Whore Penguins

Darcy Doggle out and about!

Last night, Darcy spent time noodling about the house and introducing herself to the cats. Spencer very bravely touched noses with her, but not everyone was as pleased. Still, it went well; Darcy's not aggressive toward the cats or Albus, even if Albus did give her a little growl when she sort of inadvertently pinned him against a cabinet (she doesn't see well and is just that big). Under the cut, have some pics. :D

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In other news, after the horrible storm, the weather is delightful! I've got all the windows open, and we're all enjoying the breeze. It's been a good day for getting work done. Thank you, meteorological fall!