August 27th, 2021

Pairing Whore Penguins

Public Darcy pics for those of you having trouble with LJ

Darcy and I spent some time today together outside of the isolation room. She got herself in a bit of trouble . . .

August 2021

. . . so I helped her up onto the bed . . .

August 2021

. . . (where she peed, unfortunately, with no warning!). Ah, but that's what protective covers are for; the mattress is fine, the bedclothes are washing, and Darcy has had a little walk and gone back to isolation with a treat. She's old; I forgive her.

P.S. And she wouldn't stop fussing, so I've given her a canine NSAID; she hurts, poor baby, and neither of us can stand it. Here's hoping she's able to nap comfortably.