January 23rd, 2021

Snape Showcase

snapecase, Week Three

Week Three of snapecase saw the posting of the following works for Categories One through Five:

(Fic) Birthday Box (G): Severus Snape spends another birthday with Mother and the Box.

(Fic) Welcome Distractions (NC-17): Severus has an end-of-term paper to finish. Regulus is more of a distraction than a help.

(Fic) New Professor on the Block (PG-13): Severus Snape always thought of Poppy Pomfrey as one of his few champions, and the mother he never truly had. It was natural, therefore, for him to seek her out during his first few months as a professor for guidance.

(Fic) The Duelling Club (NC-17): Gilderoy Lockhart desired three things; Trousers that made his crotch look like a Nimbus 3000 was stored in there; fame; and to shag Severus Snape. Severus Snape only had two fervent wishes; to be left the fuck alone and to crush as many dreams as possible. Hijinx ensue.

(Fic) Portrait of a Headmaster (G): Severus not-so-patiently sits for his portrait.