January 4th, 2021

Pairing Whore Penguins

Happy New Year, Gratitude & Yearly Wrap-Up: 2020

Happy New Year, everyone! And thank you so much, a_boleyn, honeymink, mt_nestor, and teryarel, for your kind birthday wishes of last year! :D

I wasn't particularly prolific in 2020, but I did manage to write 16,599 words of fic, which you can find at the Archive of Our Own. :D

January: 11,164 words

Top Marks (PG; Angelina, George, Freddie, Rox, Minerva, others; 2093 words): Angelina's always been someone who took action, but as a parent, she learns that some actions aren't hers to take no matter how much she wants to.

Bipsy's Wizard (PG; Severus, Bipsy {an original house-elf}, others; 1630 words): Severus is having more friends than he knows, but Bipsy is his most devoted one.

That Story that They Only Tell Each Other (PG-13; Eileen, Severus, Tobias, OFC; 1795 words): Audreth Deathsoother was a working hag.

Fortunate and Timely Correspondence (PG; Severus, Eileen, original character; 1025 words): Severus makes his own luck with a little help from his mam and a correspondent.

The Killing Kind (PG; Severus, original characters; 1800 words): Monsters come in all shapes and sizes—so do heroes.

Here Be Dragons (PG-13; Severus, OFC, Hermione, Charlie; 2821 words): Bringing up a gifted child can be as difficult as dealing with dragons.

March: 24 words

Nineteen Crows (G; Covid-19; 24 words): A rhyme in the time of Covid-19.

April: 150 words

That's the Spirit! (G; Severus/Hermione; 150 words)

May: 100 words

Thrust (PG-13; OMC, Severus, implied Snarry; 100 words): Severus takes a moment to understand the thrust of the matter.

June: 300 words

Forms of Address (G; Hermione's eldest child, Hermione, Severus; 300 words): Forms of address are discussed in the Headmaster's office.

August: 4861 words

Guarding Against Harm (G; Argus, Mrs. Norris, Severus, and Albus with implied Argus/Irma; 200 words): Argus knows what matters.

In Their Natural Habitat (G; Luna and her boys, original magical creatures; 235 words): The Lovegood-Scamanders spend a great deal of time observing creatures in their natural habitat.

A Brief Study of Brothers (G; Bill, Charlie, implied dragons, implied past Charlie/Tonks; 350): Bill pays Charlie a visit during mating season.

Weasleys! (G; various Weasleys, including a bonus Weasley; 715 words): For Riley Cross, it's the best Christmas ever, being amongst Weasleys.

Wand, Cloak, Stone (G; original male character; 240): The Peverell boys were not the first mortals to possess the Deathly Hallows.

Scenting Prey (G; original past groundskeeper, original past professor, original canine character; 150 words): Hogwarts' young groundskeeper is naught but a dog.

A Young Witch with Her Own Estate and Entire Life Before Her (G; original Yaxley, original portrait; 215): Mistress Yaxley is the only one left.

Nobody (G; Severus, original hag; 150 words): Severus' new (after)life gets off to a bumpy start.

Under Advisement (G; Teddy, the Potter family, Scorpius; 240 words): That's not just any zaftig yaffingale, it's Lily Luna Potter's zaftig yaffingale!

Time to Rise (R; Hermione, Severus, Rose, Hugo, OMCs; 2366 words): Severus and Hermione live a hectic life, and one worthy of popcorn… if one's tastes run to popcorn, that is.