November 8th, 2017

Pairing Whore Penguins


I was messing around with a hobbit name generator today and came up with some pairings.


Alexis Oldbuck/Cunegundis Oakbottom (F/F)
Hildegarde Hogpen/Otto Underfoot (F/M)
Hagen Knotwise/Audoneus Goodsong (M/M)


Theodelinda Leafwalker/Primrose Burrows/Llewella Hedgehopper (F/F/F)
Keena Knotwise/Birinus Goodbody/Devin Underlake (F/M/F)
Gerbert Took-Took/Fastrada Bramblethorn/Hincmar Heathertoes (M/F/M)
Belisarius Hornwood/Theobald Bolger/Bungo Longhole (M/M/M)

Trouble (alone, or in whatever combination):

Calamity Whitlock (F): I think that the generator takes liberties, but I love this name!
Flambard Goodchild (M): And anyone who has "good" in his name is bound to be bad. :P