February 2nd, 2017


No, you can't just fart through a prism . . .

Good morning! (Forgive me, but these are too much fun not to share—and my subject line will make sense after you've watched the second vid.)

Oh, and I suppose that these are less than work safe, you know, if you work with people who don't like talking about their bathroom-related issues. *whistles*

I was just sharing with a_boleyn that one scene from Some Terrific Evening owes a little something to this video:

After watching it again (it never gets old, and Wes, the lead actor, is yummy), I discovered that "humans have been pooping for over 100 years!"

There's a behind the scenes vid, too, which features Wes doing a Jack Sparrow impression. So funny!

P.S. One "other spray" of the "other sprays" reference is Poo-Pourie. The vids for that product are also incredibly funny, but be advised that their treatment of their subject matter is not as delicate as the unicorn ones, and that's saying something. No, really: be advised!


I sautéed a Granny Smith in a teaspoon of ghee this morning, added ten leaves' worth of collard ribbons and some cinnamon and nutmeg, as well, and then tumbled the lot on top of a Fage rasberry yogurt before mixing it up, topping it with chia seeds, and enjoying the hell out of it. It was incredibly satisfying.

The apple was supposed to be a part of a pie, but our oven's broken and won't be fixed until at least the 14th, which vexes me because I was planning a lot of roasted veg. I'm now planning a lot of soup.

This morning's been an interesting juggle, and I've gotten loads done, and now I'm off to take Zelda to the vet (wish her luck!). Before I go, have a link: 10+ Times J. K. Rowling Brutally Destroyed Internet Trolls.

You go, Jo!

P.S. It feels like spring outside; the geese are feeling it in very exhibitionistic ways. *coughs*
Pairing Whore Penguins

Our Zelda

Zelda's gained a tiny bit of weight and her blood work shows that her organ function is pretty good, but our "lymphoma kitty," as the vet refers to her, still has doughy intestines and is undeniably winding down. Her time is, as Shog and I thought, nigh.

I'm sad to have had my suspicions confirmed, but Shog and I have given Zelda a good life, and now it's time to keep her comfortable and let nature take its course. If it becomes necessary, we will pay her the final kindness, but we're not there, yet.

Here are our girls in younger days.

Collapse )

I may post some more current pics soon, but right now, I'm going to make a pot of tea and baby myself; I can no longer ignore my cold, and my Zel' wants to snuggle.

(Tomorrow, I think, honeymink; today just got away from me.)