January 19th, 2017

Severus [Love Mark]

snapecase's creators need love!

snapecase's creators need love in the form of your appreciative comments, members and watchers of the community! I've seen our excellent hit counts and watched us repeatedly break into the list of top journals on the site (we've even had several entries make the top 25 entries list!), so I know that you're around. If you take the time to leave a brief comment of appreciation on an entry, you will make an oldbie or a newbie's day and encourage that creator to produce more Snapian goodness after the fest!

Today's entry, Moving On, is a good place to start sharing the love!
The Girls

All about Niamh

My Niamh is a cautious kitty who comes off as shy. In truth, she's loving, playful, and evilly sneaksome when not openly hostile. She is quick to hiss and usually wants nothing to do with anyone but me. Happily, this is beginning to change. She's been allowing Shog to touch her, sharing the bed with Albus, and increasingly, she is willing to endure being in close proximity to the other cats. She will not, however, endure the touching of fur as do Zelda and Merva:

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In other news, it is astonishingly beautiful here, today, and I've spent much of it outside. Much of it, but not enough—away to meet friends at the coffee house, I go, and then it's dog park, ho!
Hurt/Comfort Kitties

The Universe thinks that we've a vacancy . . .

I got home tonight to discover Niamh and Merva puffy tailed and hunkered down on the same side of the porch; they were watching a fluffy white cat with gray markings. It was dark, so I didn't see her (?) very well, but she appeared clean and not emaciated before she ran off at my approach. I saw a similar (if not the same) cat going over our across-the-street neighbors' back fence the other day, and Albus has been sniffing around the flower beds with great interest for a while. I'm pretty sure that the cat's just visiting. Of course, I didn't hear any hissing while she and my girls were checking each other out, so she might be making nice in an attempt to fill our "vacancy." I'll just have to keep a look out for her and play it by ear.

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Shog is now giving me a survey about the TiVo, which I suppose is better than listening to him talk about politics. Wish me luck, and Shog, a short attention span. *snorts; huggles flist*