September 23rd, 2016

OMG yay!

"Story Lady! You're back!"

My kiddos missed me while I was away and welcomed me back with many hugs and opinionated declarations about Substitute Story Lady. It's good to be favored. ;P Of course, I eyed them rather severely and said, "I'm sure you made [S.S.L.] feel welcome . . . and that you thanked her, yes?"

Kids: "Yes, Story Lady."

We ended up spending some of our reading time making S.S.L. a thank you card, which lessened the kids' obvious guilt. *snorts*

It was only while watching one of the kids wipe his nose with construction paper that I realized where I probably caught my cold. *snorts at self*

In other news, Shog and I are having frozen chocolate custard for lunch because tomorrow, Rita's closes for the season. *waves*

P.S. It's possible that I'll have time to write a ficlet this afternoon . . . .