March 20th, 2014

Pairing Whore Penguins

Happy first day of spring!

Happy first day of spring! I'm going to celebrate the vernal equinox by taking Albus to Poor House Farm Park (WS pic) this afternoon; he loves barking at the birds while I feed them, and we haven't been to that particular park since hunting season began. Now that it's well and truly over, I can't wait to start hiking up the mountain!

I started celebrating spring early by soliciting prompts from people who thought it would be nice if I started taking them again (check your inboxes, poll-takers), and I've written four so far. I gave myself 15 minutes per prompt from start to finish because it was the only way to get my "writer's bloke" (yes, I'm still amused by my own mistake) to cooperate. What follows are the first four of (hopefully) 13 Egg-Timer Drabbles.

[info]blueartemis07 prompted me with Snape/Luna: velvet, lawn, and peaches, and I wrote Shopping for Company Collapse )

[info]eaivalefay prompted me with Harry/Hermione/Ron (in the wake of Rowling's latest): bound, clandestine, and magnanimous, and I wrote Most Definitely Not in Search of an Author Collapse )

[info]unbroken_halo prompted me with Draco/Harry: comfortable, new, & socks, and I wrote Comfortable Collapse )

[info]venturous1 prompted me with Harry/Luna: visions, magic, and surprise, and I wrote Ever After Collapse )

P.S. With regard to my recent breakfast fail post, Shog reminded me that Steak 'n' Shake counts as fast food (as does stealing french fries from his orders whenever he goes through a drive-through). My bad. In any case, today's breakfast was decaf, a blueberry yogurt, and roasted veg, so I'm feeling satisfied. (As well {for those of you who read beneath that post's cut}, I just wanted to note that no, I don't think I'm psychic; I think I've got a lag-behind subconscious. :P)