May 25th, 2013

Glorious 25th of May

*points to icon*

I only get to use my Glorious 25th of May icon once per year, so of course I couldn't miss the opportunity—and Cancer Aunt (who volunteered to monitor the fest's email account today, bless her) and Mom decreed that I could use a nice lunch, which I had at Ford's Fish Shack with Shog. Connecticut-style lobstah rolls FtW!

In other news . . .

Truth: Hot Dracula (WS vid) is coming to NBC!

Justice: Is receiving a fair trial before being hanged (though Carcer may well disagree :P).

Freedom: Mom's been told that she'll achieve hers once she kicks the pneumonia and starts moving around more. *relieved*

Reasonably Priced Love: Shog brought seven truffles and seven condoms with him this visit. He's ambitious, and so I told him, but DeFluri's truffles are astonishingly delicious . . . .

And a Hard-Boiled Egg: Hooked has Crab Deviled Eggs with candied bacon; Mom should love them.

Today's largely been about sharing food with loved ones, so it's been quite unexpectedly good. I made Mom a purée of chopped chicken livers on toast points with minced tomato and kalamata for breakfast, had a delightful lunch with Shog, and we're all having foil-baked fish and veg with brown sticky rice for dinner tonight—along with the eggs and (most of the) truffles. *dances the Dance of the Happy Tum; huggles flist*