September 8th, 2011

Pairing Whore Penguins

Chicken stock for the soul (and other things wot are good for it)

I can't wait to find out who wrote my Exchange gift so that I can friend her and read All Her Things! I've been in a really low place for several weeks, and Joy Stick is one of the things that has pulled me out of it and made me feel more able to deal. Being able to deal, I've almost cleared my inbox today, which is a good thing coming from the respect-and-be-grateful-of-your-readers girl, yes? Yes! In any case, today's also been about napping, flisting, and soup-making, and as requested, here's Collapse ) I'm really looking forward to soup because it's been raining all day.

In other news, Albus loves Wegmans' seven-grain sourdough and keeps taking the bread off the counter and eating it in the night! I'm not happy about this; I love seven-grain sourdough (and Albus does not need that much fiber). *resolves to purchase bread box* He's doing well with the cats, though, and shares the couch with Barefoot and Zelda without incident now—unless one of the girls decides there should be an Incident. *snorts* Niamh's still not particularly sure of him, though, but that will change. Winter is coming, and the girls are already looking for the warmth of where the dog has been when he vacates his various sleeping spots. *twirls*

Finally, I'm taking a break from world news. I usually read several newspapers in the morning (thank you, Arts & Letters Daily), but I'm going to take a break from it because it keeps sending me to Cats in Sinks for a brain scrub, and too much scrubbing leads to unwanted brain soreness. That, and I'm so tired of reading up on politicians while wishing there were more public servants in the world. *is disgusted*

Crumb. I shouldn't end on a depressing note. Here, have a funny (NWS vid for unexpectedly clinical language about lady parts), care of Reddit! (Yes, you will want to wait about 26 seconds for things to get to the surreal funniness, and if you don't find the vid funny? *points to Cats in Sinks*)