June 1st, 2011

Lizard Happy

Fest news, poll results, and my May Wrap-Up (GSM!)

Sign-ups for [info]hogwarts_houses are now open through 7 June. If at least 30 creators sign up to participate, the fest will run in September of this year; if not, I will either cancel it, or run it in January 2012 in place of [info]snapecase. I love the idea behind Houses: pick a house and focus on it, its professors, its students—anything or anyone, really, at any time during Hogwarts' existence (even the future)! The concept allows for so much room to play (femslash, gen, het, slash—crossovers and Sparklypoo!) that it makes my head spin, and I hope it will encourage people to sign up. Please feel free to pimp the fest, and if you're a crafter or vidder, don't be shy about signing up; I'm not that tech savvy (I say this to vidders), but together, we can work something out. :D

"Lovefoy" was the most voted upon choice of Luna/Draco portmanteau in my recent poll about it, with [info]erastes suggesting "Lunefoy," and [info]eaivalefay suggesting "Malove." Each one has its merits, I think (but even though I voted for "Lovefoy," there's still something about "Druna" that speaks to me; I should probably write more of the pairing).

Here's my monthly wrap-up for May:

Getting Severus Married, Chapter Fifty (8400 words)

@Dreamwidth @InsaneJournal @LiveJournal

Getting Severus Married, Chapter Fifty-One (9059 words)

@Dreamwidth @InsaneJournal @LiveJournal

The [info]complete_gsm is, of course, the best place to read GSM because all the chapters posted there are in their final versions (I haven't gone back and revised the ones on my journals, and things have changed over time).

A lot's been happening in my life lately1, and rather than writing about it, I've just been enjoying most of it. That's good for me, but bad for the journal; I'll work on it. *waves*

1The thing about which I'm most proud is replying to my [info]sshg_exchange assignment email with my completed and beta'd fic; I've never done that before for any fest, and this one broke the awful writer's block I'd been experiencing, so yay! *\o/*