April 29th, 2011

Pairing Whore Penguins

POLL: hogwarts_houses

hogwarts_houses is scheduled to run during September, which is when the sshg_exchange will begin (yay, Exchange!). Given that I need at least 30 people to sign up for Houses in order to run it and a lot of my fests' participants tend to hail from the Snermione side of fandom and probably won't be available to play, it occurs to me that it might be best to postpone Houses. (I'd love to see fen from all over the HP fandom come play in Houses, but I'm trying to be realistic about the amount of excitement I can generate for a new fest.) With that in mind, have a poll:

Poll #1736110 Hogwarts' Houses
This poll is closed.

hogwarts_houses should run

as planned in September 2011 (with June sign-ups).
in August 2011 (with May sign-ups).
in January 2012 (with October 2011 sign-ups) in place of snapecase.
at some other time (which I'll suggest in comments).

When Hogwarts' Houses runs, how will you be participating?

As an artist/crafter/vidder.
As a promoter of the fest.
As a reader-reviewer.
As a writer.