May 22nd, 2010

Snape Showcase

A random list

  1. It's raining, which is good because the air is smoky from a nearby controlled burn.

  2. There is new art up at the Snuna Exchange!

  3. Mom's started the slow process of moving out; the cats are freaked.

  4. Birds are jerks (WS).

  5. Nazi zombies = philosophical questions, apparently (NWS for blood and, you know, for Nazi zombies).

  6. Johnny Weir (surprisingly WS).

  7. Some penguins go shopping (WS).

  8. Worf/Data—no, really! (WS fanvid.)

  9. A damn fine recipe for strawberry bread.

  10. Terry Border's zombie spuds are made of gruesome win! (NWS for tomato brains. *g*)

This list was brought to you by the fact that I have nothing for dinner and no desire to head out into the rain, and also by the fact that Shog's away but has still been sending me links.

Oh, and the Snuna Exchange fic for me came in today, and I'll finally have a moment to read it soon! *dances* What? You think I should have Mom preview it for the author and wait to read it like everyone else? I did that last time; it sucked! :P *takes mod perk*

Also? You didn't think I'd end this post without mentioning the Snape Showcase, did you? *snorts* I swear, once sign-ups are over, the spam will end. In the meantime, sign-ups begin at midnight (unless I fall asleep before posting, but that isn't likely as I must stay up to meet Shog's flight). Snape Showcase! *dances*