February 16th, 2010

Kitty in Teacup

*is easily pleased*

I played Hearts and kicked its ass!

I also felt well enough to do some cooking today, and I watched Doom after doing a little writing. I'm wondering if Karl Urban's character's "Bones" moment in this movie is why he got the Reboot role; he's hot, even covered in genetically modified human blood. :P Currently, I have Dagon paused; it's been a day for B movies.

From Shog: fearless hunters, cautious hiders, baby!Vader, toddler!Trooper, and, um (vegetarians, don't click!), Shog's idea of a well-balanced meal.

Yes, I've already told him no.

Oh, and there are currently nine sign-ups for the snuna_exchange; I'm happy to have them, but I need more if the fest's going to run. Sign-ups close at the end of the day on 20 February. :)