November 11th, 2009

Irritated Teacup Kitty

POLL: Shog's idea of a light snack is both disgusting and incorrect.

Poll #1484149 Is this a snack?
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Is the processed horror in the picture above "snack-size"?

Heck, is it even food?

I'm about to start dinner, so I'm incredibly annoyed to see that he's a. eating this much, and b. eating this, this from the man who's been giving me shit about the carbohydrate in a tad more starchy veg than I am "allowed" of a meal. Some food warden he is.

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In other news, this slow loris (which is a kind of lemur, and the only poisonous mammal in existence—Luna would love him, I'm thinking) likes to be tickled (WS, cute).