June 14th, 2007

Team Postwar

The Birth of a New Age (R; Snarry; 2165 words)

The medals have been awarded for the 2007 [info]snarry_games. Congratulations, Team Wartime! Team Postwar, it was a pleasure to be among your number. *loves the shiny silver of our medal*

*also loves her banner*

I'm now free to present here my contribution to the Games, of which [info]djin7 was kind enough to say, Oh you! How did you do it? Romance and Horror as genres? WTF. Yet, here it is. Scenes set in both love and terror, and the open ending giving us a kind of want, a need to see the ultimate progression of this brief but very intriguing look into a 'what if?' scenario. I really liked it, the twist especially. Tricky. Very cool. Thank you for stepping in as an Alternate for your team, you did an excellent job! ♥

Thank you, [info]djin7! And thank you, mods, players, and watchers for making the Games so much fun!

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