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May 20th, 2006

The prompt and original drabble posts for this drabblethon were lost to my back-up snafu. These drabbles were written on the occasion of my 400th friending.

64. For kateri_e, whose prompt was "Snape/Harry: Crossdressing:Secrets:Masquarade."

New Talent {PG-13; implied Snarry, Gilderoy Lockhart; 100 words}Collapse )

65. For hydrogen2oxygen, whose prompt was "Pansy/Luna: never, enough, faith."

Death Eater's Plaything {NC-17; Pansy/Luna; 150 words}Collapse )

66. For hydrogen2oxygen, whose prompt was "James/Lily: breathplay, angels, scar."

The Audience {NC-17; James/Lily, Filch, Mrs. Norris; 150 words}Collapse )