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The Harry Potter Drabble-to-Fic Fest! (E.T.A.)

Have you ever read a drabble and said to yourself, "Wow, this would make a cool fic"? Have you been itching to write something lately, but thought, "I just don't have time to write anything long"? I've had both feelings, lately, and they got me to thinking that it was time to host a new fest.

Drabblers, I invite you to write a 100-word HP drabble that you would like to see expanded into a fic and post it here in comments. In the Subject field of your reply, please give the title of your drabble, followed by its rating, pairing/threesome/foursome/character(s), and word count, like so:

Studying in the Common Room (G; Hermione, Ron; 100 words)

If your drabble is untitled, please title it "Untitled Drabble." If you wouldn't mind a ficcer altering your rating as he or she expands upon your drabble, please note this underneath your drabble in your comment.

All drabbles should be submitted by 30 June 2006.

Ficcers, I invite you to scan the comments, and then claim a drabble (by responding to the drabbler's comment) that you would like to turn into a fic of at least 1000 words (it may be as long as you like). If your drabbler has provided a rating, please honor it when writing your fic, unless your drabbler has noted that doing so isn't necessary. When you've written your fic, please return to this post and tell your drabbler that it is posted, giving the URL of your fic. In your post of the fic, please use the following header, like so:

Title: [The title you've created if your drabbler didn't provide one.]
Author: your_ljuserid
Beta Reader: your_beta [The use of a beta reader is optional, but encouraged. If you don't use a beta reader, this field is not required.]
Pairing: [The pairing, threesome, foursome, or character(s) that your drabbler provided.]
Rating: [The rating your drabbler indicated.]
Word Count: [The mininum word count is 1000 words; there is no required maximum word count.]
Summary: [ADD.]
Warnings: [If required. If not, this field is not required.]
Disclaimer: [A standard disclaimer.]
Notes: This fic was written for iulia_linnea's Harry Potter Drabble-to-Fic Fest [Link back to the fest, please]. It was inspired by your_drabbler's [Your Drabbler's Title, if given or Untitled Drabble], which may be found here. [Link back to your drabble writer's initial comment to this post.]

Please also place your fic under an lj-cut. Help in formatting an lj-cut and LJ userid may be found here. Help in formatting a link to another web site (which you'll need to do in order to link back to your drabbler's drabble and the fest page) may be found here (click "Read More" and then scroll down to the section titled "Linking to Other Journals or Web Sites with HTML").

All fics should be submitted by 31 August.

Drabbles may be claimed by up to three ficcers. Drabblers may submit up to three drabbles. Ficcers may select up to three drabbles. Anyone may participate in the fest as both a drabbler and a ficcer, but no one is permitted to fic his or her own drabble(s).

If you elect to participate as a drabbler, you agree to allow ficcers to expand upon your work as they see fit, except in terms of the rating guidelines you provide. If you elect to participate as a ficcer, you agree to accept your drabbler's wishes concerning the rating of your fic, and you further agree to present your fic in a Public post. All participants agree to follow the guidelines I've set for the fest.

Please play nicely (or I will delete your comments and exclude your work from the fest's master list) and feel free to pimp the fest. *g*

The Drabble-to-Fic Fest is open to any LJer. HP fandom gen, het, femslash, and slash drabbles and fics of all ratings are welcome. For this reason, readers should scan the Subject lines of the comments to this post and the headers of the fics written in response to the drabbles before reading them to avoid encountering material which they might find objectionable.

E.T.A. Anyone is welcome to provide feedback on the drabbles in this post, and drabblers may respond to it. When providing feedback for a drabble, please use "Feedback" as the first (or only) word in the Subject line of your reply. When claiming a drabble to fic, please use "Claim" as the first (or only) word in the Subject line of your reply.

The deadline for your 100-word drabbles is 30 June 2006.
The deadline for your 1000-word (or longer) fics is 31 August 2006.

On 1 September 2006, I will post a master list of all drabbles and fics submitted to the fest.
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