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The First 10 People Get Drabbles Meme Master List

I took requests for the First 10 People Get Drabbles Meme, and what follows are the results. Enjoy!

1. For inell: Her Majesty (PG-13; Hermione/Fred/George; 100 words)

"How simply amazing! You must be using a spell of some sort."

"No, madam. I assure you that my lovely friend is keeping still of her own accord," George replied, grinning at the witch who had stopped to admire Hermione's "Young Elizabeth: A Statue" at the Ministry's annual charity masquerade ball.

The lady failed to notice the tiny beads of sweat pearling on Hermione's forehead (despite the depilatory charm), or the slightest swaying of "Elizabeth's" regal, Magically-MarbledTM figure.

"How is that twin of—what was that? Did your statue just squeak?"

"Her Majesty never 'just squeaks'," George replied, with great seriousness.

2. For eaivalefay: Tournament Play (NC-17; Severus/Charlie/Luna; 300 words)

Weasley pounced like a cat onto Lovegood and pulled her from the path of the dragon's fire-stream before Severus could give breath to the warning that had been rising in his throat. His heart hammering, the Potions master stood frozen in the rain—the soft fall of which he knew would not have prevented Lovegood's immolation—hating all curious children and praying for a safe end to the tournament, while Weasley proffered the shaken girl what looked like a piece of chocolate. Lovegood accepted it, but what she did next was not the act of an innocent.

Severus crept closer, unable to believe what he was witnessing.

Lovegood was rolling the bar over her lips, coating them thickly and smiling beguilingly at Weasley. The young man laughed, nervously, but Severus could see that he was thinking about it.

He was thinking about it.

"Don't all heroes deserve a reward?"

"Look, kid, this is a bad i—mmmph!"

Severus moved forward, then. "It certainly is. Follow me," he ordered, leading the two young people toward a nearby equipment shed.

"Professor," Weasley began, as Severus shut the door. "It's not what it—"

"Yes, it was," Luna interrupted.

"I know," Severus told her, removing his robes, "and I'm glad."

Weasley's eyes widened. "Sir, what are you doing?"

"What does it look like?" Severus asked, unbuckling his belt.

Weasley licked his lips as Severus' cock sprang from his trousers. "It looks like you're in need of a 'reward', as well, but she's—"

"Always pleased to share," Severus replied, gasping as Luna knelt before him and swallowed his prick.

"Fuck," Charlie breathed more than said, flushing perceptibly in the moonlight as he began to shuck his kit.

Bracing himself under the onslaught of two greedy tongues and silently blessing curious children everywhere, Severus promised, "She likes that, too."

3. For celeria: Mad Banana Logic (PG-13; Harry/Dudley; 100 words)

Nothing in Harry's history could have prepared him for the suggestion Dudley had just made—after "wrestling" over the last banana, which Harry had nicked from the kitchen earlier that morning. He never lost an opportunity to secure food when his aunt and uncle weren't around.

"You want us to do what?" he asked, rubbing his lower lip and staring at Dudley. "You're mad!"

"And you're hard, too," Dudley replied, breathing heavily. "If we don't take care of it, Mum and Dad will see! They'll think I'm a pervert!"

"You're the one who started it!"

"So . . . so let me finish it. . . . Please?"

4. For sinick: Three Decisions toward Embracing the Burn (PG-13; Snaco; 100 words)

It had been a bad decision to accept the Dark Lord's gift of Draco, Severus knew, but that had been the only way of preventing the boy's being given to someone like Macnair.

It had been a worse decision, Severus was certain, to visit Draco after the boy retired on the first night, but he had known that Draco's nocturnal noises had nothing to do with sleep.

It had been a damning decision, Severus realized too late, to remove the candle from Draco's hand and use it on the boy himself, but Severus couldn't have left Draco to burn alone.

5. For dracofiend: What Happy Wall Is This? (R; Snarry; 100 words)

Harry wanted lycanthropy to be cured, but he was beginning to suspect that Severus had come to view Remus as more than a test subject.

His jealousy grew, making him lose his patience for the long hours he now spent alone and the lack of early morning sex to which he had become accustomed.

When Severus entered their bedchamber next, therefore, Harry seized him and threw him against the wall, ignoring Severus' consternation and divesting them both of their clothing before casting the necessary spells.

"I like it better when you use your fingers, you impatient brat," Severus said, after.

6. For swtalmnd: Prizes and Preparations (NC-17; Snarraco; 100 words)

It was absurd to spend the morning after Voldemort's victory eating sandwiches, Severus knew, but he felt it wise to feed himself up because, soon, his prizes—the awarding to him of which had made him the focus of envy amongst the other, lesser Death Eaters—were due to arrive.

With Lucius dead, Draco needed mentoring, and, now stripped of his powers, Harry yet required minding. Severus saw the potential in both young wizards, and he was greatly looking forward to sliding his honeyed cock—he'd brewed the lubricant himself in anticipation of the event—into Draco's mouth, while Potter fed him his own.

7. For sarcasticsra: Rising Again (NC-17; Snarry; 100 words)

Severus had yet to grow used to the music Potter made when being pleasured. His cock stirred sooner than expected after being thoroughly sucked as he watched the brat writhing on his bed under the onslaught of a hundred teasing phoenix feathers. The thick chocolate potion, which Potter had foolishly drunk believing it to be for shock—Voldemort's victory was still a surprise to him, despite the myriad entertainments in which he had starred for the delectation of the Death Eaters'—had done its work well: the boy could not help but feel any stimulation, whether painfully or pleasurably applied, as erotic.

8. For snakeling: On Display (NC-17; Snarry; 100 words)

Severus had taken great pains to secure his prize: Harry levitated—nude, writhing, and wanting—in the air, his cock bound to prevent erection, his flesh being teased by the Spell of One Thousand Tongues to encourage his prick's engorgement, while the Potions Master took the opportunity to tie ten tiny leather cords in varying degrees of tightness around each of the brat's splayed toes, thoughtfully fellating each one after binding them. With each knot, Harry's needful, furious cries increased in volume and incoherence, and Severus' cock grew heavier and more impatient.

But there was to be no rushing of Voldemort's entertainment.

9. For beckaandzac: Special Team Surprise (R; Weasley Twins/Lee Jordan; 100 words)

Fred and George loved Lee: he had a vast knowledge of Quidditch, dinosaurs, and butterbeer—the twins had only known of one brewing recipe for the stuff before they'd met him on the Hogwarts' express—and he could lengthen and animate his dreads to do wicked things to both of their cocks at once. Now that they had left school, they couldn't stop thinking about him, so they snuck back into the castle one night with a surprise in mind.

Lee didn't rebuke them for having abandoned him, especially after his own "Weasley-ized" miniature dinosaur Quidditch team began using him to score.

10. For starcrossedgirl: Fruit to Nuts (NC-17; Snape/Harry/Luna; 100 words)

"She tastes like bruised raspberries," Harry said, raising his head and smiling sloppily at Severus from between Luna's legs. "I didn't know girls were so sweet."

"Don't stop!"

"You heard her, Potter," Severus replied, smiling indulgently at the boy, who grinned and returned to his ministrations. "Try nibbling on her clit the way you sometimes do to my glans."

"Oh! No—it's too much!" Luna protested, writhing as Harry obeyed with alacrity.

"I'll tell you when it's too much," Severus growled affectionately, reaching down to tease and pinch Luna's nipples while his cock throbbed against the luscious cleft of her arse.

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