Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

In memory of Darcy, who will be missed

Darcy was not a part of our family for long, but she instantly became part of it by virtue of her loving, loyal nature. She was, even emerging from her initial starving state, a good friend to Albus and well behaved toward the cats. She was free with her affection in spite of the horrible neglect she had suffered—proof enough to me that humans do not deserve dogs. She was a huge lovebug, and we loved her right back.

I'm glad that we found Darcy and that her final months were good ones. I wish that we could have given her many more. But I am most grateful, considering how she might have passed, that her end was peaceful and without pain, and that she had the taste of one last treat on her tongue before drifting off to sleep in our arms.

God rest you, Darcy Doggle; you were a good dog.
Tags: darcy dog, dog-related, family, fuck cancer, in memoriam

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