Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Post-cannoli canine happiness

The dogs are enjoying some time together after eating cannoli:

October 2021

I scraped off the chocolate coating, so no worries there.

Under the cut, additional pics await.

Albus and Darcy got in trouble for eating trash again the other day and took refuge on the tiny dog bed:

October 2021

In other news, my birthday barrister from last year is finally restored and delivered, and it was well worth the wait:


We're going to move it into the front room and put books in it as soon as I have the front room straightened out. :D

In yet more news, I've got a question for people who know about spiders. I see these interesting trampoline-like webs in the morning, but I've never seen the spiders who make them. Does anyone have any idea what sort of weavers do?

October 2021

Lastly for now, Merva bit me yesterday after getting spooked by Darcy's nearness on a walk. Things had been going so well, too, but now I'm on antibiotics and have a half-useful hand for a while. Pets are such a joy. *snorts*
Tags: albus-the-dog, cat-related, darcy dog, dog-related, gifts, life, life is pain, merva, pics, questions, trampoline spiders

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