Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Of the many things that happened over the weekend . . .

Of the many things that happened over the weekend, one of the most concerning was that Darcy slid down the stairs after being called up them the second time she'd gone to explore the basement. Catboxes drew her, I imagine, as well as the fact that Albus goes down there to clean up the canned cat food after the cats come upstairs. In any case, Dar's legs gave out, and I had to bring her out the basement entrance and around the house to get her back on the main level.

She's all right, but obviously, she can't be left alone with the stairs. To protect her, we've moved the loveseat in front of them. It's not ideal, but until we find a gate, it's what we're doing. And it's keeping Albus off the stairs, which is a good idea as his joint issues make them dicey for him, as well.

The cats weren't initially pleased by the change, but now, they love camping out on the loveseat and daring the dogs to try and pass it without catching a (mostly playful) paw. *snorts*
Tags: cat-related, darcy dog, dog-related

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